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3/13/07 11:40:42PM

for those who dont know about this site, it is awesome. it has a bunch of movies that are free to watch!
3/14/07 1:32:47AM
or search aXXo on torrents
that fool has the sickest dvds.

3/14/07 3:24:06AM

Posted by loller90278

or search aXXo on torrents
that fool has the sickest dvds.


3/14/07 7:25:21AM
Cool !
Kinda half-ass quality but now I won't have to dl all the episodes of my favorite series.
3/14/07 8:50:30AM
This site is awesome. It provides links to TV shows, movies, music vids, Etc. Its worth a look.
3/14/07 11:47:15AM
the quality does suck pretty bad, but it saves money
3/14/07 11:52:52AM
Another one for tv shows, cartoons and movies.....

Apologies, my PC at work doesn't seem to do web links very well.
3/14/07 11:55:42AM
Thanks for the link.

For tv shows I go here.

Mainly watch Southpark and Robot Chicken, but its good for any episode you may have missed.
3/14/07 12:08:16PM
Mininova Has good torrent links too. TV, Movies, MMA, Music
3/14/07 12:58:09PM
download Utorrent (google it) and search within their program for "aXXo" he is notorious for having all the latest movies that come out in theaters, in DVD quality! don't worry it's not a virus and contains no hacks. it's pretty legit. also if you have a broadband/dsl/cable connection it will only take maybe 20-45 minutes per MOVIE depending on your connection
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