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5/25/13 6:30:05PM
Hey guys, I'm working on a free tool for MMA fans that allows them to rate what they thought of each fight, chat with others between the fights and look back on which fights are worth watching.

So after a fight, hop on to and rate it, drop by the chat and say what you thought, or just shoot the shit.

Hoping this gives you fans a way to track which fights they could go back and watch again and guide others to the fights we all loved.

Like it on facebook because I'll post reminders to use it before the events I'll cover, if you'd find that useful.

Some answers before some questions come up :
Why do I need to use facebook to vote?
I require a facebook login to vote, to reduce multiple vote spamming. I'd listen to other ideas, I get that not everyone uses facebook.

I had beer fingers and gave a snoozefest a 5. I can't change my vote.
You can't recast your vote at the moment, but if you guys want it, I'll program it in soon.

I'd like to support the site because I'm a cool human being, how do I do so?
Click on the MMAwarehouse ad up top and buy yourself some fine-ass MMA gloves or the mandatory-MMA-fan-affliction-tee or Rogan's walkout bong and I get a small cut at no added cost to you.

Again, the site is

So open the youtube prelims
and try it out after the fights!

I'll stick around and listen to your comments. Thanks for reading and trying it out!
5/26/13 10:18:01AM
Sounds cool. What u should do is watch every numbered event. And rate the fights.

I have done so just out of a hobby for myself
I just rank top 2 fights per numbered event
Than have a huge 7 page list of all the fighters and number of times they were in top 2.

For tv events and ufc fox and stuff. I have a pretty much do the same. But cause I don't own every fight and prelim do
To Ufc not putting full fox fuel spike fx or versus cards on DVD I actually do a 1 1/2 per instead of two

Meaning say out of every 20 tv events
Instead of top 40 fights two per event
I decrease it down to 30 instead