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9/1/09 6:57:32PM
Less than a year since his professional debut in Sengoku, multi-division prospect Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal is tired of defending his path in the world of MMA.

After a 25-second win over longtime-MMA-veteran Mark Kerr this past Saturday at "M-1 Global presents Breakthrough," Lawal raised his record to 5-0 with four TKO's.

But the 28-year-old told Radio ( that it just doesn't seem to be enough for many people he talks to – and Lawal said the UFC's hype machine is partly to blame.

"I guess people think I'm a veteran," Lawal said. "I'm not going to lie. Mark Kerr wasn't top competition. But my knee wasn't 100 percent. I told everybody I was 100 percent. Every fighter says they're 100 percent. I wasn't 100 percent, but I took the fight.

9/1/09 7:58:17PM
who would hate on this guy??? cats got skills, no doubt
9/1/09 9:01:42PM
When you're cocky as hell and put on a large image, you're gonna take a large amount of criticism, especially when you're not a large talent, top 10 ish.
9/1/09 9:02:34PM
I haven't heard a lot of hating on him, don't really know where he is coming from.
9/2/09 2:51:29AM
Me neither....maybe he takes people saying that kind of stuff on Sherdog seriously. The only thing I've said is that he needs to keep building up to tougher and tougher competition, you know like not Gegard for his next fight. Somebody in the top 20-15 would be nice though....I think there could be a lot of stiff comp for him in the UFCs lower level of the LHW Div for him, Strikeforce only has a couple that I 'd want to see. Mainly Southworth, Whitehead....oh and Babalu would school him if he didn't score a flash ko.
9/2/09 11:26:38AM
this guys likes to make up stories..i haven't herd a damn thing that people were hating on the homie..just like how he got made at Rampage because Rampage never herd of him..come on just started you're career and been fighting cans..this guy better not turn out to be a cry baby..cause he's kinda actin like one right now..he better not pull a Mark Coleman move and cry when they take away his shoes when he fights..cause i know in his last few fights he been wearin shoes...
9/2/09 11:41:29AM
He's just trying to get his name out there
9/3/09 12:05:12AM
not that I have heard any hating on him and I did love the scoop slam on a fat Kerr ... but come in like a rap video with hoochie girls then want to be taken seriously???? please.....
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