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1/15/13 6:37:08PM
Entering into a free-agency period before his next contract, Josh Barnett wants to mix fighting with other pursuits.

"It would take the right kind of deal to get me to be locked into some place entirely and exclusively," he told (

While battling the flu, Barnett (32-6 MMA, 3-1 SF) closed out a two-fight deal with a first-round submission over Nandor Guelmino (11-4 MMA, 0-1 SF) at "Strikeforce: Marquardt vs. Saffiedine" this past Saturday.

Already better a day later, he said it feels good to be "a healthy guy able to fight wherever he wants."

1/15/13 6:40:26PM
This doesn't bode well for those of us wanting to see Barnett in the UFC. I think that Dana would gladly bring him back into the fold, but he's only going to pay so much for a guy with multiple positive steroid tests. The UFC could really use some upper tier talent in the HW division, but if Barnett wants to do movies and professional wrestling, Dana might decide it's not worth the headache.
1/15/13 7:06:33PM
well that could have just sealed his faith with UFC. I don't see the UFC bending for josh's needs
1/15/13 7:51:57PM
His last contract was 250K to show with no win bonus. I think there is no chance the UFC offers him higher than that, and I even have trouble believing they'll match it (I wouldn't be surprised to see a 125k/125k, but 250k just to show would surprise me). The UFC already inked the guy that beat him 5 out of 5 rounds less than a year ago.
The other big promotion, Bellator, will no doubt offer an exclusive-only contract as well.
I'm interested to know what Barnett thinks "the right deal" is.
1/15/13 8:09:56PM
Wont happen. Dana probably doesn't care for him and isnt going to pay big for him.
1/15/13 9:13:49PM
I have never really enjoyed Barnett and his antics. I could care less if the UFC signs him. He's a great fighter dont get me wrong I just dont think he's worth the trouble
1/15/13 9:49:52PM
Barnett seems to think he calls the shots. Well, he does as far as his career goes but hes not gonna dictate the terms with Dana and company
1/15/13 11:22:01PM
Josh hefty salary and the fact he got popped twice for roids now this demand. I doubt Ufc signs him.
Maybe in Bellator he can do tna wrestling as well
1/16/13 1:07:17AM
Real smart Barnett, playing hardball with Zuffa!
1/16/13 10:01:23AM
No way will the UFC do this. He isn't worth 250k just to show. If the offered him anything if would be around 85K with a win bonus. Hes been to roided. He seems like a drama queen as well. He wants to do all these different things (different MMA promotions, wrestling, acting). Just pick one and go. Dont do it UFC.
1/16/13 11:05:31AM
I think the smart play for War Master is to head to Bellator. He could still pro wrestle that way and once he dominates the HW division he could have some additional leverage to get back into the UFC.

1/16/13 12:43:12PM
i think he would fit in well in bellator. i think he would struggle against the ufc HW's and would take a huge pay cut. im ready to be done hearing about what the hell barnett is going to do, either bring him in the ufc or not.
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