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10/27/10 9:01:02AM
Hey there.... I have been here since the beginning and my old camp just fell apart basically, so I am looking for a camp!

My only requirement is that the new camp have a fairly active camp message board. I try to participate in all discussions because I think thats important to having a successful camp. Feel free to PM or whatever.

10/27/10 2:03:17PM
I don't know if my camp is still recruiting, but Sabotage, Inc is a great camp that has a VERY active message board. We have a bunch of long time members and I can't help but think that you'd make an awesome addition to our camp since you've been here from the beginning. Send our camp leader Emfleek a message.
10/27/10 5:28:39PM
Welcome to the East Coast Pitbulls, its great to have you in the camp.
10/27/10 11:54:12PM
Either camp looking for another member....same boat as Menard, in fact, it was the same sinking boat
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