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1/20/09 3:16:41PM
I have just left my former Team and might be looking to help out a new team for the season, But I will not participate in any SHW camps because that is the division that my former team is in and I want to see them defend their title.
1/20/09 3:23:36PM

our team will miss ya

good luck in your new team brother
p.s. thanks for not contributing directly to our competitors

1/20/09 3:45:04PM
Good luck wherever you go you were good teammate
1/20/09 4:15:46PM
Dang! I missed you by a couple hours, bro. We just maxed out our roster...

Good luck wherever you end up, though! You'll be a great addition to any team.
1/20/09 6:56:11PM
world top team would love to have you bro.

just as long as you participate in the camp forum and help the team.
1/20/09 8:10:38PM
ronco beach Crew would love to have ya as a part of our team no need to chat in camp fourms although they are pretty good and funny make picks to win $$ if you want forget and its okay
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