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10/23/07 1:32:35AM
Hey, what's up everybody? I'm looking for a new fight camp that has a dedicated camp leader and team as well. My previous camp leader was a bum, he hardly picked any of the fights. I also would prefer a team that is interested in the secondary league. I'm ready to go!
10/23/07 12:02:14PM
Xtreme Couture.

Join, and if your not impressed leave.

I'm definitely a dedicated camp leader. We have a young (new members) camp but slackers won't be tolerated, so they will be weeded out if they aren't pulling their weight.

Anyway, hope to see you on our message boards.
10/23/07 12:30:58PM
Sherdog War Room Warriors... #1 HW last season... Highest win ratio for any HW team this season.... #1 overall player.... 5 players in the top 20, 9 in the Top 50...

And a kickass leader... I placed #15th last season... prolly top 20 this season...

You have to post in the SD War Room though, as a requirement... go there and introduce yourself.... if you post there, and gain the respect of the team members (demonstrate you are not an idiot, or a jerk...) then you can get on our team

I am "thetequilaman" there...

We have the best HW team on this site, hands-down....

10/23/07 12:39:42PM
Yeah, but who wants to be affiliated with sherdog (and josh gross by association).

Xtreme Couture is a heavyweight fight camp but is not showing up in the fight camp directory yet because we are new.

Wait and see
10/23/07 1:46:05PM

Posted by Muay-Thai

Yeah, but who wants to be affiliated with sherdog (and josh gross by association).

10/23/07 1:59:33PM
No... morons

Maybe not you but at least a very large chuck of sherdog
10/23/07 2:54:59PM
The Pit would have you. We are currently in the process of weeding out the week so as of now were pretty low on the heavyweight standings but we will eventually rise to the top.
10/23/07 3:40:54PM

Posted by Muay-Thai

No... morons

Maybe not you but at least a very large chuck of sherdog

Morons like B Goetz?

Or the MMAn?

or Isuldor?

Or even little ole me?

We Sherdoggers suck... lol
10/24/07 12:31:43AM
Anyone who has spent even 5 minutes on sherdog knows exactly what i'm talking about
10/24/07 2:28:04AM
could someone tell me what the advantage of joining a team is? i pick the fights and everything on my own and i suppose i technically have my own fight camp although i havent sought members or anything.

also when people pick win % and such is that from the fantasy picks or from the wagering. im a seasoned gambler so i make money but dont have a great record with the fantasy wagers because i often take the points, so to speak, and bet underdogs. my bankroll has been growing steadily but my record is prolly not great.

thanks and just curious if the only advantage to joining a fight camp is camaraderie or if there is something more.
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