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1/22/09 11:49:59AM
Josh Barnett certainly thinks so. Barnett says Roach is quite wrong about comments he made about Fedor being, among other things, "flat footed" with "no technique".

1/22/09 11:55:22AM
years ago barnett used to really rub me the wrong way, but the more i hear the guy talk the more i like him. he isnt afraid to tell it like it is, and he is a pretty damn smart and funny guy, and i think his comments here are right on.
1/22/09 12:59:52PM
Obviously Roaches comments are made to entice Fedor to stand and trade with AA. Because AA might have a slim chance of winning that way. This is the oldest trick in the book.
1/22/09 1:30:06PM
"he would be knocked out if he fought like a man"

I don't know about you, but I think taking another man and dropping him on his head is pretty manly!
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