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7/28/09 9:58:18AM

Here's one for the veteran Fan. The Long-Ridiculed Cult Figure Hopes to Exercise his Cage Demons, at 53 years of Age.


Maybe they can get Keith Hackney or someone to face him.
7/28/09 11:13:07AM
Hackney seems like one of those guys that would still bust your ass in his fifties... Bad matchup for Ettish, lol
7/28/09 11:47:02AM
I heard that Hackney was looking for a comeback about a year ago, and still trains all the time. Im sure he would crush Ettish.
7/28/09 12:06:22PM
Where have you gone, Joe Son...
7/28/09 1:21:50PM

Posted by DCRage

Where have you gone, Joe Son...

Pretty sure he got arrested for gang raping someone.
7/28/09 1:23:50PM
I knew that. But it was that quip rather than "who?"
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