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3/25/09 11:53:30PM
For many longtime mixed martial arts diehards, Ettish will be forever associated with his ill-fated appearance at UFC 2 on March 11, 1994, when he entered the cage on a moment’s notice to fight Johnny Rhodes -- a man physically superior to him in virtually every way imaginable. Three minutes and seven seconds later, after being momentarily blinded and cut by a bare-knuckle punch, Ettish succumbed to a rear-naked choke. He was not afforded the opportunity to return the Octagon to right his wrongs, and his life was never the same.
3/26/09 7:12:52AM
Wow I wouldn't even recongnize him without the Gi and the mustache
3/26/09 8:16:46AM
That is a great read, thanks for the link

sometimes you miss out by avoiding Sherdog
3/26/09 1:07:24PM
He had total confidence in his style.
3/26/09 11:19:01PM