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10/8/08 5:47:16PM
This is a video I found of ghosts, polterguists (sp?) etc. Its pretty awesome. And NO its not one of those things where the girl from the ring screams and jumps up on the scream. this is Real.

Ghost Video
10/8/08 6:30:26PM
So clearly editted but still cool nonetheless
10/8/08 7:01:03PM
i've seen this video before. there is some pretty freaky shit in there
10/9/08 7:21:05AM
i've also seen this one before, it is a good one. The last one with the girl send chills down the spine. at least mine. I love this stuff.
10/9/08 9:19:28AM
That was good, didnt find the last one scary one bit.
I thought the house with the camera and tripod set up was a little freaky.
Also the girl in the hall would prob scare the shizzit out of me if thas me.
Good work on the dude who did this.
10/9/08 9:49:09AM
wow thats scarey. its got my worried about ghosts now. great i wont be able to sleep now!
10/9/08 3:14:27PM
yeah the cam and tripod in front of the mirror was pretty freaky. and so was the pic of jesus that started to bleed
10/9/08 6:31:58PM
wow some of that was sooooo fake. Like the girl downstairs?! come on!?! And the clock that was spinning? its soo obvious; some of the things people have done as a fraud.....

On another note if you want to see some real freaky shit look up Ghost Hunters the show on scifi. They have caught some very weird stuff on that show.
10/9/08 6:53:14PM
there is no such things as ghosts...the things people believe in are pretty funny
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