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POLL: Who wins flat out!
Rich 89% (34)
Travis 11% (4)
2/27/08 9:46:36PM
Rich Franklins is back fighting a quality opponent in Travis Lutter. I think this fight is going to end up a TKO in rick Franklins belt. Although if it does go to the ground Lutter could sub him, he has a great ground game
2/27/08 11:13:24PM
I love Franklin man I think he is one of the coolest UFC fighters out there he came back with 2 straight wins after his first Silva lost this will be a test to see if he can do the same again he is very young still for an mma fighter and hasnt had any major injuries if he wins I see him staying around for awhile wich I hope he does maybe even make a move up in weight he is huge at 185 and has fought at 205 before but well see.
2/27/08 11:22:40PM
This fight is Rich Franklin's without a doubt. He's looked damn near unstoppable against anyone except Anderson silva.

If the fight does go to the ground, Lutter has a shot, but Franklin has great submission defense (Check the okami fight for one example), can power out of submissions, and is a pretty good submission guy Himself. However, He's got a big strength advantage over Lutter, and his takedown defense is pretty damn good, so I see this fight being on it's feet for the most part. On the feet, Franklin is much better than lutter, and this fight should result in a late first, early second round KO for Rich Franklin.
2/27/08 11:35:02PM
Franklins going to dominate Lutter imo. I think Lutter's gettin pounded out or brutally KO'd.
2/28/08 12:00:23AM
I believe that if Travis Lutter comes into this fight like he did with Anderson Silva, but meeting the weight requirements, he'll sub Rich.
I think people aren't giving Travis Lutter any credit or chance, I believe he'll pull out the upset.
2/28/08 2:57:49AM
rich UD
2/28/08 7:09:03AM
I'm a huge Rich Franklin fan. But I'm not sure this fight is going to be as easy as people think. Travis Lutter is a tough opponent, and we all seen he can be a force on the ground against Anderson Silva, until he gassed. Although I think Franklin will win this fight hands down. It's not going to be as easy and you think.
2/28/08 8:55:53PM
i think rich gonne a win this fight by ud.
2/28/08 9:20:03PM
Franklin will win this by (t)ko. I think he is just too good for Lutter. Yes, Lutter is a beast at JJ, but MacDonald has some good JJ and you saw what happened there. . .
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