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4/20/08 12:15:08AM
After watching this fight I have to say I was impressed again by Lutter's early showing. First He give Anderson a hard time, and now Franklin. 2 of the top 4 185'ers IMO. I know Anderson was coming back off knee surgery, but a emaciated Lutter still gave him a hard time. The thing I'm getting at is I think Lutter is gassing due to the weight cut. Either he needs a more sophisticated way of cutting & replenishing, or maybe he should just buff up some and go to 205. If he had a gas tank , and added some strength & size , I could see him cracking the top 10 at 205. What chall think?
4/20/08 12:36:52AM
Yeh i think he should move up, the cut is clearly to much for him imo. Even if he fought at 205 at the same size he was tonight he wouldnt be much smaller than anybody in that division.
4/20/08 12:45:12AM
shouldnt this be in the spoilers forum
4/20/08 1:02:10AM

Posted by juanez13

shouldnt this be in the spoilers forum

No. Once the UFC's PPv is over, if it's a live night telecast, it;s okay to discuss the fights on the open forums . Anyone, not wanting to know about them should just please avoid surfing the site till they have seen them.If it was a delayed broadcast becuase of it being overseas I could see folks having some cause to complain, but not in this case.
4/20/08 5:02:27AM
I agree people should avoid the board if they haven't seen the fights, I just don't understand what your looking to discuss or read if you haven't seen the fight

Anyway, Lutter does not need to move up he needs to stop being lazy. The guy walks into the cage with a gut he needs to tone himself so that he is stronger and doesn't need to cut so much weight. He was 22 pounds or something like that a week before the Silva fight, i'm not going to lie i really do not know much about cutting weight and whats average (maybe someone could enlighten me) I am starting to think Lutter is one of the most talented guys in the middleweight division but one of the laziest. His shots were sloppy and when franklin got off the ground lutter just looked lazy pulling guard he needs to train like a champion, it was obvious he didn't train and it looked like he was banking off his last performance and thinking he could beat franklin once it got to the ground

he needs to stay ay midweight but train a little
4/20/08 7:05:46AM
Lutter needs to stop training himself.... hes not the best so hes got stff to learn he needs to go to a camp and get a real trainer
4/20/08 8:40:25AM
Lutter may have won his last two fights if he didn't gas, btw i thought it was over when he had rich in that arm bar but ace did a phenomenal job getting out, good performance by both guys but Lutter needs to work on his conditioning.
4/20/08 8:48:54AM
Yeah.He gave Franklin a pretty good go in the first round,but as soon as it was stood back up,Lutter was finished.He just looked way too winded.
4/20/08 9:35:27AM

Posted by nickcuc547

Lutter may have won his last two fights if he didn't gas, btw i thought it was over when he had rich in that arm bar but ace did a phenomenal job getting out, good performance by both guys but Lutter needs to work on his conditioning.

yea that arm bar looked tight, didnt think franklin was going to escape, but yes lutter defenately needs to work on his conditioning, or just keep his weight down, instead of cutting tons of weight which is what i think takes alot out of him.
4/20/08 9:51:56AM
If Lutter gassed because of the weight cut, then I suppose a move up to 205 would help. On the other hand, the Light-Heavyweight division is much deeper than Middleweight, and is full of wrestlers and strikers who lunch on grapplers. There are only three 1st-tier Middleweights in the UFC, but there are 6-8 1st-tier Light-Heavyweights.

I would definitely pick Lutter over Sakara, Heath, Boetsch, or Alexander. I think Lutter could hang with Evans, Thiago Silva, Lambert, Hamill, Bonnar, Gouveia, and Sokoudjou, but he could just as easily get smashed by those guys. I think Lutter would be in deep doo-doo against Machida, Liddell, Jardine, Shogun, Griffin, Wanderlei, Rampage, or Tito.
4/20/08 11:28:23AM
Lutter can stay at middleweight he just needs to try training. Look at his body, he is a doughy pig who cuts too much water weight to fight at 185. Now, if you are going to fight at an unnatural weight class, you need to change the make up of your body. Look at Mike Swick, cut down on muscle mass and fat to make welterweight or Bisping last night. He looked much more cut and athletic. He got rid of any unnecessary weight so the cut wouldn't kill him. Stop being lazy Lutter and train the right way. I hate it when guys gas in a three round fight. No excuses.
4/20/08 11:34:36AM
Lutter is back together with his woman now. He needs to find a local place that will give him the training he needs and will still allow him to be the family guy. Thats not always easy to do.
4/20/08 11:34:50AM
I could see Lutter as a threat to the campion at 205.
4/20/08 11:41:00AM
lutter is done, he cant pull a karo and be good w/o being in the best shape
4/20/08 11:42:16AM
At 205 he would be like arona but without a gas-tank or nearly as much strength, and his takedowns are weaker too.

So to be more accurate, he would be like Babalu but just not as good.
4/20/08 11:51:40AM
like already stated on here, lutter needs to train with a camp instead of training with himself. He gassed quicker than tank abbott does. franklin done a great job to get a well deserved win, but what now... Silva again .... Surely not ???
4/20/08 11:54:22AM
Lutter just needs to take his job more seriously. He has the skills but he isnt a great athlete. A lot of guys in MLB or the NBA have the same problem, Ripken played so long because he never had an offseason, he trained nonstop.
4/20/08 2:00:41PM
IMHO Lutter would have won if he didn't gas. He basically came in with one shot at a take down and sub before he gassed.
4/20/08 4:23:14PM
does lutter even care about his fights? there is no excuse to be THAT out of shape in any fight, let alone a fight against rich franklin?!?! if a guy cant even be motivated enough to make weight for a championship fight he shouldnt be fighting at all.. he should be moved to fight night undercards till he proves he can last more than 1 round without gasing.
4/20/08 5:59:02PM
Lutter show flashes of greatness, but once again proves to be an underachiever. I don't know if it is how he cuts, or how he trains or a combination of both. I don't think moving up a weight class will benefit him at all. I don't know what is next for Lutter but he needs to change something in his way he goes about training before accepting another fight.
4/21/08 9:04:15AM
he did gas again, but i was also impressed with Rich. WAR ACE!
4/21/08 12:33:20PM
I think he would do better dropping his weight and not cutting as much. His performance against Silva, even though he lost, was by far the best anyone had done against him in the UFC.
It is always frustrating to see a top fighter gas so soon in a fight, you would think his trainers would anticipate/prepare/prevent these things from happenning.

Im not sure about 205. That division is so stacked right now, also, I bet dana wants to keep as many MW's as he can!!

4/21/08 3:12:16PM
Yeah, I totally agree with you. There is something wrong with the way this guy cuts weight. He does need to either get he weight cutting technique down better or move up in weight. Becuase this guy could not only be good but great.
4/21/08 3:27:37PM

Posted by Pookie

At 205 he would be like arona but without a gas-tank or nearly as much strength, and his takedowns are weaker too.

So to be more accurate, he would be like Babalu but just not as good.

Referring to your avatar, Wow what fight did you bet wrong on? lol

But Lutter is dangerous and should be easily a top middleweight if the gas tank was there. I wonder how he cuts the weight because it seems to be very ineffective. Perhaps its the camp but i think his coaches should have him alot more prepared then the Lutter we saw in that second round. He couldn't even keep his hands up and those shots where pretty bad. Looked like he wanted to rest on Rich's legs then grabbed an ankle to try and bide time. LHW might be too packed for lutter but I guess anything could happen as long as we can see Lutter go 3 rounds without gassing I think we all would win.
4/21/08 4:21:43PM
Lutter is great on the ground and not to shabby standing up I think his best move would be to 205 but he said he wasn't effected by the weight cut this last time but you could tell he was gassed early in the fight i'm glad Rich won though he looked good hopefully its a sign of a nice comeback run.
4/21/08 7:48:28PM
Lutter's a joke. He trains himself. If he really honestly cared about his career, he would A.) get a legit training camp going B.) get his ass in shape C.) stop claiming silva would never beat him again lmao
4/25/08 5:05:23PM
he needs to learn that one thing............oh yeah getting in shape....... 22lbs a week out ..... is just plain stupid even if u good at cutting weight which he obviously isnt it still isnt good on his body and he definately has the weight to lose

theres just no excuse for being a PRO fighter in the UFC knowing more than a month in advance and still coming in that bad of shape or maybe he could change is strategy cuz everyone knows what he is trying to do

he definately gets douchebag of the year award already
5/1/08 9:45:36AM
Lutter would do a whole lot better at 205 but i heard he got fired so i guess we will never know
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