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2/13/07 7:00:59PM
I dont no if theres already been a post like this made, but i was woundering who you guys think would take it. I no they said during tuf 2 they wouldnt fight but i think it could be interesting.
2/13/07 7:06:44PM
franklin by a (no pun intended) country mile. hughes is great at 170 at overpowering people, hes not a really dynamic fighter, but uses his pure strength to put people on the ground and keep them there......his strength advantage would be negated at 185lbs, and i dont think a lot of the fighters there would have a problem with him..he just doesnt have much else to fall back on.
2/14/07 4:59:18PM
This fight wont happen. In fact it was proposed but turned down.
See when Franklin fought Tanner for the title, The idea was the winner would be the champ and win the 2nd coahc slot for TUF 2. Joe Rogan said Tanner and Hughes would fight at MW on the finale if Tanner won the title. But he said that if Franklin won he a Hughes would not fight because they are close friends from training at the militech camp.
2/16/07 10:18:46PM
i no they wouldnt fight after what they declined it before tuf 2, im just curious as to who you think would win. I think rich is stronger than hughes considering he can fight at 205 without much trouble, so id say rich by ko round 1 becouse matts strength is one of his main assests, but rich is my favourite fighter so mabey im being biased.....
2/21/07 2:29:20PM
Great fight if it ever happened but i believe franklin takes it
2/21/07 4:53:06PM
Hughes 2nd TKO GnP
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