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POLL: Franklin vs GSP
Franklin 42% (27)
GSP 58% (37)
12/1/07 12:12:33PM

Posted by kofranklin

Who would you pick to win between Rich Franklin and GSP?

to choose i need to know what weight they will have to fight at. at 185 franklin would win and at 170 gsp would win
12/2/07 4:09:03PM
thats baseless

btw if they fight it will be at mw b/c franklin would not cut to ww.
12/2/07 4:10:04PM
GSP because Franklin has a weak chin and GSP is just an all around machine.
12/5/07 12:23:58AM
GSP is one of my favorite fighters but id have t o go with Franklin on this one. Franklin is a huge Middleweight and was questioning going up to fight chuck liddell at one point. Size wise i just dont see it being a good fight for GSP
12/5/07 12:34:52AM
ever since machida knee'd franklins face in i think he's avoided lhw fights against top fighters.

franklin is a huge mw, but gsp is a huge ww.

gsp has stated that he is big enough to fight at 205. While franklin may have a size advantage it wouldent be that bad.

12/6/07 5:17:00PM
i like both of those fighters but i would have to chose gsp
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