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3/1/07 10:16:55PM
im a big rich franklin fan. is anyone else afraid he wont bounce back from a loss. i picked him to win but i am unsure how the silva ko will affect him. anyone else concerned?
3/1/07 10:21:07PM
I don't think Franklin will have any trouble bouncing back from his loss. He got KTFO by a superior striker. It happens. If you've never lost a fight, then you aren't fighting the right people. He'll overcome this loss and I don't think Ace will have any problem with The Athlete especially if he keeps it on the feet.
3/1/07 11:41:18PM
I don't think the loss has done any permanent damage to Franklin. I beleive he is knowledgable enough to know that losses happen, And I think he will make up for it this weekend. However, if he gets KTFO this time, he will probably crawl into a hole and cry himself to sleep at night.
3/2/07 12:07:01AM
Rich will be fine, especially in this fight because mcDonald is probably not looking for the knockout. rich also got knocked out by machida and then had a very long winning streak. he's a tough guy both mentally and physically.
3/2/07 12:40:42AM
I expect to see a man on a mission to get his belt back. I believe Rich will come very strong, and overwhelm Mcdonald. Rich will be the champion agian if he can avoid the injuries IMO. I expect him to put Mcdonald to sleep late in the first round DEVASTATING KO.
3/2/07 1:48:47AM
Rich is a very smart fighter, i believe he has the mental abilty not to let the past fight affect him.
3/2/07 2:07:48AM

Posted by EEKS

Rich is a very smart fighter, i believe he has the mental abilty not to let the past fight affect him.

I agree very smart fighter, which is quite possibly one of his strongest assets.. I don't think rich will let the past affect him, he will come out very prepared and hungry.
3/2/07 10:08:59AM
Personally I think Rich is a tad overrated. The only thing Rich had going for him at 185 is the fact that he's usually the bigger man. Machida was the bigger man in their fight and had an obvious advantage, Silva was as well and we all saw how that turned out. Once again, Franklin is the smaller man and Macdonald is going to give him hell IMO. I still picked Rich by decision but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Macdonald win this fight.
3/2/07 9:30:44PM
I'll take Franklin by 2nd round Ko
3/2/07 9:34:34PM
if chris leben could land those bombs on him in the first round, why can't rich? and why compare a C level fight Chris Leban to a ...B+ fighter like Rich Franklin?

franklin by ko 1R
3/2/07 9:37:00PM
Franklin by 2nd round ko. Even is he is metally ****** up after his loss to silva i still think hed ko mcdonlad without much trouble
3/2/07 9:44:22PM
What nobody is mentioning is that he's already bounced back from a devastating TKO loss before. Machida kicked his ass and he bounced back and became the new MW champ in the UFC. Granted that loss probably didn't have the mental impact that the Silva loss had considering how big of a star he had become and how he broke his nose and all but physically I'm sure he's just fine. I don't think he'll be hesitant at all striking and I'm sure he's (as hippy mentioned) a man on a mission in this fight.

Anyone seen Man on fire? Franklin is playing Denzel in this fight.
3/2/07 11:31:46PM
this is how its going down....
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3/2/07 11:37:02PM
I think he will do just fine. Macdonald is a good fighter and will be a great test to see if the old Franklin is back.
3/3/07 12:32:51AM
Of course he will bounce back. He is a champion and he trained hard from his prior defeat. After he beats MacDonald he will go on to take his championship back.
3/3/07 4:18:09PM
tonight he will prove he deserves another shot
3/3/07 5:32:01PM
I'm starting to think that McDonald will make this a closer fight than I thought previously. He is training with Greg Jackson now. I'll take Franklin by KO in rd. 3 now.
3/3/07 5:41:37PM
The loss won't affect him... or Man he is done his head is shot...! These are idiotic comments. Are you all psychiatrists or something? There ain't no one here who knows his mental state so quit arguing about it.
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