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9/4/08 3:03:00PM
Rich Franklin expects a tough time of it when he faces Matt Hamill in a light-heavyweight bout on Saturday.

The former middleweight champion says his gameplan is all about speed and footwork – but that might be difficult when carrying extra weight.

“I’ve got to be quick on my feet... I need to use my footwork to confuse him and stick and move and stick and move and avoid takedowns,” he told MMA Stomping Grounds.

But he noted that if he is carrying “an extra 20 pounds... and it goes the full 15 minutes, that takes a toll on conditioning”.

Franklin is campaigning at 205lbs after losing his middleweight title to Anderson Silva and then failing to win it back in a rematch.

Both were heavy losses for the former champion and he says the UFC was not interested in seeing him fight Silva for a third time.

9/4/08 4:45:48PM
I really hope Franklin pulls this one out but it's going to be a tougher fight for him than people think.
9/4/08 5:48:10PM
I agree I think it will be a tougher fight than what people think to, right now I got matt winning, but that could change its a hard one for me to pick.
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