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4/18/10 11:26:45AM
Hey guys, I'm entering a fantasy league that has a salary cap in place. I have to pick 10 fighters and stay under 5 mil. Both of these guys come really cheap but I think I'm willing to spend the extra 130k on Franklin, cause I think he will win. What do you guys think??

I'm also debating between Kos at 711k and Daley at 416K. If they were even, I would say Kos but I'm not sure if I can justify the extra 300k on Koscheck right now. I think Daley has a pretty good chance in this one.
4/18/10 11:42:53AM
How does the league work? Is this for the whole year or just 1 fight? If so, I'd go with Franklin as well. If Chuck loses, I don't see him fighting again.

Kos seems to fight every 3 months, so the extra cash would be well spent. I do agree that Daley has a great shot at winning the fight, especially with Koscheck's willingness to keep it standing. You might have to look at future opponents as well to see how they would stack up.
4/18/10 12:06:16PM
This is the first season of it, it's only 3 months this first go around. I think after this, they said it will be a 4 month season but I'm not real sure as of now.
4/18/10 12:22:43PM
interesting i would take chuck save the money on rich spend it on kos
4/19/10 8:14:07AM
Which website is this on? I'm interested in joining thanks.
4/19/10 12:13:37PM

Posted by illmatic3

Which website is this on? I'm interested in joining thanks.

It's a small site called MMACrypt.

And thanks for the input guys, I'm hoping to make my picks tonight.
4/19/10 7:14:22PM
I'd choose Kos hands down, if you looks at Daley's record he had been submitted by choke's at least 4-5 times, and Kos is in the top 3 best wrestlers in MMA. I don't see Daley getting a KO here.

As for Lidell, Go for Franklin. He has a better chin, and honestly I think when it gets to the third round chuck will gas.
4/21/10 12:57:06AM
Ok, here's my team.

[quote]My MMACrypt Fantasy Team
Georges St. Pierre $1,000,000
Lyoto Machida $1,000,000
Brock Lesnar $1,000,000
Rich Franklin $288,235
Paul Daley $416,667
George Sotiropoulos $466,667
Jon Jones $511,765
Melvin Guillard $100,000
Ross Pearson $100,000
Brendan Schaub $100,000[/quote]

I was able to use up 4,983,334 of my 5 million cap space.
5/4/10 12:56:55AM
A little update on the schedule. I really hate it being only 3 months to be honest but this kind of explains it. I think the 2nd season will be better. And I'm really glad I didn't take Forrest, he's already out due to a shoulder injury.

Ok guys, been playing with the schedule a bit. Here's how it's going to work. This first season will be 3 months. Just a trial season to see how it all works and such. It will run from May through the end of July. Season 2 will run starting August 1st until the end of the year which will be 5 months. Then starting Jan 1st of 2011, they will be 6 month seasons, so 2 a year. Members will be able to enter after the start of the season, they will just be starting in the hole from which ever events they missed.
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