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3/7/12 1:21:51AM
On Tuesday, Frankie Edgar got the news he has been waiting to hear.

Just a couple weeks after losing the UFC lightweight title to Benson Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan in a hotly contested fight, Edgar had his wish granted for a rematch that will go down this summer.

3/7/12 2:12:04AM
i hope somebody gets knocked out or submitted in this one. if they have another close fight and frankie barely takes the belt back then are we gonna see a 3rd fight. im mean fuck, does everytime a champ loses his belt warrant a rematch if its close? i just dont like how the belt has been tied up in just a few fighters hands for so long now. and with this recent news of another rematch that just means its gonna be tied up even longer. and what if somebody gets hurt like before the edgar/maynard 3 fight and we have to wait a whole year. it feels like an ugly situation to me. i want new fights between different fighters. i know pettis and bendo already fought but at least thats been a few years and many people never got to see that fight out side the damn pettis kick. i could see GSP getting a rematch or anderson since they have had the title for so long but reality is is edgar hasnt had it that long and has showed significant weaknesses being in there with bigger fights. ive seen edgar get rocked more times than anybody else and hes the damn champion. ok im done, sorry for the rant.
3/7/12 11:45:28AM
He won the fight and did the UFC two 'solids', he deserves it.
3/7/12 11:50:26AM
Frankie had to gift BJ and Gray immediate rematches. It's only fair that he's allowed to challenge for his belt back after a close decision. If he was knocked out or submitted in the first fight, I could understand not giving it to him, but when the president and matchmaker had him winning, I think it's warranted.

That said, WAR EDGAR!
3/7/12 1:23:51PM
As a fan I think this sucks. I want to see some new blood but it's only fair and it will be a great fight
3/7/12 2:57:03PM
The right call. Make Aldo move up to 155.
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