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7/13/08 9:11:31PM
There has been plenty of talk since Frankie Edgar’s loss to Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 13 that Edgar may be too small for 155 lbs. When we interviewed Edgar after that bout he said that he intended on staying at 155 and was looking to actually put on some weight to make him a little bit stronger and give him more size. Edgar has been blogging for USA Today leading up to his fight against Hermes Franca at UFC 87 on August 9 and he’s sticking to that plan according to his latest entry:

7/13/08 9:30:22PM
Pretty overated fighter.. IMO..
7/14/08 11:51:06AM
That's a really dumb thing to say...

How's he overrated? Who's hyping the guy?
He's 8-1 and beat Spencer Fisher and Tyson Griffen in his last 4 fights by total domination. nobody really knew who he was before that and now he's proven himself to be able to compete with top 10 fighters.

So again, how exactly is he overrated?
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