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9/10/09 2:14:32PM's "Inside MMA" host Jon Anik reported today on his Twitter account that a Dec. 5 bout between Frankie Edgar (10-1 MMA, 5-1 UFC) and Kurt Pellegrino (14-4 MMA, 6-3 UFC) is currently in the works. ( has since confirmed with sources close to the event that both fighters have agreed to the contest.

The lightweight bout is expected to take place at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

9/10/09 2:25:35PM
great matchmaking by Joe Silva. both guys are great wrestlers so this one is probably going to end up being a stand up war. Edgar looked awesome against Sherk but don't sleep on Pellegrino he's got some great striking of his own.
9/10/09 2:43:17PM
Don't understand why Edgar is fighting Pellegrino, this is a step down for him coming off a huge win over Sherk. Pellegrino is a tough dude, but he's lost a few fights in the UFC and doesn't really deserve to fight Edgar at this point.

I would've liked to have seen Edgar go up against Florian instead and have Guida fight Pellegrino.
9/10/09 2:44:51PM
So are they planning on jerking Edgar around and not giving him a shot at BJ anytime soon? Sherk, Franca, and now Pellegrino should merit enough for a title shot, if not they should let him fight Joe "Daddy" for the next title shot.
9/10/09 2:49:19PM
sweeeeeeet, this is gonna be one for the books
9/10/09 3:32:07PM
This is a step down for the Answer, as he's beaten some tough guys who are better than Pellegrino.

Taking the Answer for this one, no doubt about it.
9/10/09 4:08:58PM
should be a fun fight for us fans!

both good wrestlers, but I think Frankie will pretty much dominate on the feet..and use his footwork and boxing to get a decision here...
9/10/09 4:10:09PM
should be main event at tuf finale
should be a good fight,
9/10/09 11:10:04PM
I don't get this. Edgar just polished off Sherk who is a superior wrestler and kickboxer than Pellegrino. Don't get me wrong, I like Batman but Sherk is better than him in every aspect of the game and Edgar beat him pretty soundly. I would think that warrants a step up in competition. Please Joe Silva, give "The Answer" a tougher question.
9/11/09 12:06:49AM
I like this matchup personally.
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