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8/7/12 11:02:47PM
Everybody in the world has routines.

Whether it’s waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee or always turning on programs in a certain order when starting a computer, life is built around routines.

From April 2010 to February 26 2012, Frankie Edgar‘s routine was going to bed at night and waking up in the morning as the UFC lightweight champion of the world. Edgar got used to having that title around his waist and being referred to as ‘champ’ or the best in the world.

But since losing the belt to Benson Henderson back in February, Edgar’s new routine hasn’t suited him nearly as well. It’s a taste that’s hard to swallow and one he hopes to rectify this weekend at UFC 150 in Denver.

“It definitely doesn’t feel right,” Edgar said about not being champion when speaking to MMAWeekly Radio. “Especially when people say ‘former UFC world champion’. You try not to put everything on world titles and what not, but being champ is nice.

8/8/12 1:59:46AM
get used to it
8/8/12 3:23:04AM
I like to eat my cake too but shit anit always perfect
8/8/12 4:53:19AM

Posted by tcunningham

get used to it

I don't see the fight this weekend happening much differently than the first. I think Henderson is going to push the pace and control the center of the octagon in route to another decision victory over Frankie. Maybe then Frankie will drop to FW. Unfortunately he wouldn't be in a much better position there because I don't see anybody dethroning Aldo anytime soon. That said, Frankie has the heart of a champion, and if there is a way for him to try and dig deep and pull out a win this weekend, you can bet your bottom dollar he is going to be reaching for every single second of the fight. The dude has no quit in him.
8/8/12 5:59:38PM
I personally think Frankie won the first time they fought, he just doesnt wear damage well.
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