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7/7/08 2:07:44PM
Veteran middleweight fighter Frank Trigg (16-6) has signed a three-fight deal with the Japanese-based World Victory Road organization, and as planned, he's agreed to debut with the organization at its Aug. 24 "Sengoku 4" event.

Trigg told ( that he signed the contract on Sunday.

However, WVR officials haven't yet decided on an opponent for the 37-year-old's debut fight.

7/7/08 2:10:07PM
hell i thought i'd seen the last of ole "twinkle toes" in the ring

worst nickname in mma is giving it one last shot

maybe Mayhem can get a rematch......
7/7/08 2:32:13PM
Awesome. Ever sense I saw Trigg throw down with Mach I've been a fan. Would really like to see Trigg finish out his career with some good wins.
7/7/08 10:26:37PM
He just beat Misaki and Mayhem Miller, and that kid from the TUF show with a goofy grill Dewees.

He's been fairly hot.

And if you look at his record, his only losses are to top tier competition.
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