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9/17/09 8:58:32AM
As the 37-year-old Frank Trigg approaches his UFC return on Saturday against Josh Koscheck, the two-time UFC title challenger could very well be looking at the start of his final run fighting at the elite level.

"I'm in the game to get titles, I'm in the game to get victories," Trigg told FanHouse. "I'm in the game to battle my way up to the top."

In this exclusive interview with FanHouse, Trigg talks returning to the UFC and welterweight division against Koscheck at UFC 103 in Dallas, Texas.

9/17/09 9:41:38AM
Tough luck
9/17/09 10:10:18AM
Sucks for him because GSP will dominate for years to come.
9/17/09 6:23:02PM
To bad Frank didnt say Titties because i'm sure being a UFC fighter they are in no short supply. But Titles are and Frank Trigg wont ever ever smell another chance at one. They game has passed him by and the UFC are holding onto him for his name until he retires.
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