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2/20/09 11:22:20AM
Frank Shamrock actually wants to box Tarver. LOL. Nice. recently recently caught up with MMA legend Frank Shamrock, who's set to face Nick Diaz in the main event of Strikeforce's first card televised on Showtime. To our surprise, Shamrock revealed that he's also currently working on a potential move to boxing and is already looking at some possible opponents. "It's been a dream since I was a little boy and becoming a boxing champion is what got me into mixed martial arts. I've always wanted to try it. I'm running out of guys to fight in MMA, so watch out boxers," he replied. Shamrock, who's taking his boxing dream seriously, confirmed that both Showtime and Strikeforce are backing his decision to compete in boxing. In fact, Showtime is actually taking it one step further.

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2/20/09 11:47:07AM
Frank can't box, he can MMA box, but he can't box. I might pick him to anihilate Tarver, but who wouldn't these days. Just like Anderson whooping Roy Jones. It's not a case of superior technical skill, it's a case of fierce athleticism vs a used up old champ who lost their bag or tricks.

Tarver simply is used up and doesn't have the kind of game that makes a 40 year old fighter last. Tarver is aged past his years between early crack use and fluctuating a ton of weight a few years back for Rocky 6 (good healthy weight gain, starvation to drop it back off, same way Jones did himself in).

But any other top LHW would murder Frank and his "my head meets your fist till you tire" style.

Every time he stands he almost gets hurt, he just happens to have made thae perfect matchup.
2/20/09 11:49:18AM
No Tarver would kill him. lol
2/20/09 11:54:47AM

Posted by cmill21

No Tarver would kill him. lol

Shamrock would be outclassed and KO'd before the fight was over!