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5/17/08 7:29:49AM
‘The Legend’ Frank Shamrock recently took some time to talk with PDG about his recovery from arm surgery, his fight with Cung Le, the future of mixed martial arts and the extension of his career as a fighter.

PDG: Let's start with your arm injury, how is the recovery coming?
Frank: The arm is very good. I had a checkup yesterday and the doctors said that they will most likely remove the plate in about seven more weeks. If everything works out I will be back training again in 10 weeks.
5/17/08 8:54:42AM
So 2 more losses to add to his record then.....
5/17/08 9:39:51AM
Here's hoping he'd smash Ortiz at least.
5/17/08 10:06:17AM
Ortiz is going to smash Frank....I don't think he can take it anymore.
5/17/08 3:51:28PM
I would like to see a rematch. Maybe this time Frank will remember that it's not a kickboxing match and takedowns are actually legal. I think this fight will say more about Cung Le than it will about Shamrock. As for Tito, there's just no reason for that fight. I understand it's a rematch and who else is either one of these guys going to fight? However, Tito walks around at about 220 and Frank walks around at about 190. Mismatch? It's a different time in both these mens careers, let's not dwell on the past and market a fight that won't be entertaining and instead focus on the now and show me some matchups that will produce EXCITING FIGHTS!!! Is that too much to ask?
5/17/08 11:26:02PM
I would like to see both fights. With a different gameplan I think that Frank can beat Cung.
5/18/08 7:03:00AM
THX Porch
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