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6/11/07 9:18:40PM
frank shamrock vs phil baroni im looking foward to this one its on showtime. if frank gets him down phils in trouble right? im rooting for phil, what are your thoughts on this fight?
6/11/07 9:28:11PM
Yea if Frank gets him down it could spell bad news for Phil, but I don't see it going there anyways... I'm rooting for Baroni by KO, and I don't think it's a far stretch...
6/11/07 11:37:01PM
Frank was better off making videos on his couch and mindlessly talking shit without backing it up. Baroni is going to rip his head off.
6/11/07 11:53:30PM
Baroni is the most glorified average fighter ever! He always only has a punchers chance in his fights. He will prolly test positive for some kind of steroid after the fight is over.
6/12/07 10:46:07AM
Like I said before,Shamrock is gonna destroy Baroni.

Hope so
6/12/07 10:54:47AM
Idk why but I want Baroni to win. It just seems like Shamrock is getting on my nerves lately talking so much trash.
6/12/07 11:01:15AM
both guys come off as jerks and id like to see a double ko, but since its unlikely, ill pull for baroni in hopes that he might come back to the ufc and shore up the MW division a little.
6/12/07 1:41:18PM
I agree they're both assholes... Frank just thinks he's god's gift and Baroni comes off as the arrogent type, so he's hard to like as well...

I hope they stand and trade, I'd like to see on of them get KO'd, should be a good fight on a great card...

Is this on Showtime? I thought it was PPV only and just being promoted in conjunction with EliteXC (showtime)?
6/12/07 2:05:13PM
who's the underdog in this fight? i thought frank would be the favorite but i checked the odds on and baroni was the favorite -135/+105
Fanboy 1988
6/12/07 11:34:37PM
I'm pulling for Frank in this fight, hope he gets a quick KO..
6/13/07 2:57:30AM
Frank gona get KO'ed early I think, he believes his hype way to much. Also he won't realize how much power Baroni has. If Frank can last a round he can pull the dec though.
6/13/07 5:49:34PM
baroni by KO rnd 1, then we'll see if the dana white-title shot story is true
6/13/07 7:10:51PM
I could never root for Phil Baroni no matter who he was fighting, but i see him knocking Shamrock out early. depends if Frank can withstand the early blitz and hope that Baroni gasses.

it's been a long time since we've seen shamrock compete at the top end, and i just don't know if there's any hunger left behind all the bullshit
6/14/07 10:34:43AM

video and audio interview between the two fighters

kinda long but awesome
6/14/07 11:30:54PM
Yeah I don't really like either of these guys. For some reason I want to see Phil KO Frank.

But my gut says Frank will get him down, and win the fight.
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