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2/2/09 1:14:27PM
Frank Shamrock’s MMA For Dummies, coming out in the Spring, is available for pre-order over on A quick synopsis of the book:

Featuring more than 150 step-by-step, full-color photos illustrating proper technique, this guide by MMA legend Frank Shamrock provides novices with a firm foundation in MMA fundamentals. Shamrock introduces readers to his famous training and fighting system and provides instruction on each aspect of MMA in clear, concise detail, including striking, fighting from the clinch, takedowns, grappling, submissions, and escapes.

2/2/09 1:38:32PM
Yes, its about time, I have been waiting for this.LOL

I guess its cool.
2/7/09 8:42:18PM
I just saw that on YB. Might have to check this one out, I bet there is some funny stuff in there.
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