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2/24/09 10:47:35AM
New Frank Shamrock interview.

On Nick Diaz...

"As a fighter, he’s game. He’s game, he’s good, he’s aggressive, he’s not scared and he is definitely someone to be reckoned with. I definitely have to watch my ground game and make sure I’m on top of it. I know he’s going to come hungry. This is his chance to really make his mark. This is his shot at stardom. I know I’m going to have to knock him out to put him out."

"Stylistically, I think me and Nick match up well. The biggest problem is Nick doesn’t move his head well and I punch really hard. If he doesn’t move his head, I’m going to knock it right off."

"I think he took a page out of my book and crumbled it up a little bit. But yeah, he likes to play the game. He’s always in great vascular condition so he’s got the wind to play around and stuff. I don’t think you’re going to see him play around in this match. I think you’re going to see him scrambling for his life."

On a fight with his brother Ken...

"It still interests me 100%. To me, we are entertainers that fight, but without entertainment, it’s just 2 guys beating each other up and that’s not all that cool or entertaining in my opinion. I thought the story was always important, that we told it, and it’s the history of the sport. We’re a family that bled for it. I think that’s important for the sport. But I think Ken’s day is done man. He needs to hang it up, give it up and start running some businesses or something."

On boxing in the near future...

"It’s been a dream since I was a little boy and being a boxing champion is what got me into mixed martial arts. I’ve already talked to Showtime about it and we’re looking for opponents. Boxing, to me, is a very beautiful art, a very damaging art, but beautiful as well. I would love to get in there and try it. I’m running out of guys to fight in MMA so watch out boxers."

"You know the guy who I think has an amazing game as a boxer is Antonio Tarver. I always thought he was just beautiful in the ring and years ago, when I used to watch him, I knew he would kick the crap out of me because I didn’t have the skills, but now I think I have the skills to stand up with him."

More in the full interview:

2/24/09 1:56:08PM
This fight is going to be just straight up striking fight I think.
2/26/09 9:44:51AM
another option is to "accidentally" leave out a baggie full of the green stuff in nicks locker room and hope for the no contest should he lose.
2/26/09 1:55:52PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

This fight is going to be just straight up striking fight I think.

I'd say that Diaz wants it to go to the ground, but his TD's are weak and Frank's about as good as it gets when it comes to balance and TD def... So I have to agree with you, it'll be a standup fight but I don't know if that's where Nick's going to want it to be...

That's where I really see the problem for Diaz in this fight... Shamrock is going to control the pace of the fight and where it takes place (standing, on the ground, clinch, etc)... I would love to see Nick pull off a win in this one, and I'd also like to see Diaz use some of that superb BJJ he's been hiding in his last couple of fights

WAR DIAZ (but I don't think I'll put any money on him )
2/26/09 3:34:41PM
"I’m running out of guys to fight in MMA so watch out boxers."

I'm a Shamrock fan but...

2/28/09 1:13:48AM
This is gonna be an awesome fight IMO.
3/8/09 9:30:01PM
WOW mark the calender. A Frank Shamrock interveiw I wasn't digusted with. These guys are pretty much the same fighter. Frank might be a bit more aggressive in his striking. Should be a great fight. I will go with Diaz winner via Submission late 3rd
3/15/09 8:05:35PM
I can't wait for this fight.
Not a fight I ever would have dreamed of, but kick ass none the less.
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