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3/20/08 5:20:49PM

."My brother Ken did them his whole life," Frank told ***********. "Why do you think that his mind is so fried? Why do you think he crumbles before the big fights? He's got no psyche. He let steroids give him a false sense of security and the moment that stuff is gone he's no longer superman. He's just a regular man. But without all the hard work and without all the belief in himself that a regular man would have if he got up to that point. He's the only guy that I'll tell on, because he's always in trouble anyway.

fighters such as Dan Severn have long hinted that Ken uses steroids, and there's widespread speculation that Ken used during his days with the WWE.


All i can say is that i'm not surprised one bit that Ken does steriods.
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3/20/08 5:52:20PM
I love it! It's only a matter of time before they both step up and fight each other and Frank will most likely destroy Ken. Ha Ha I bet getting together for Thanksgiving dinner sucks at the Shamrocks.
3/20/08 6:54:58PM
i would have never suspected i mean he was in pro wrestling & they are notorious for using roids.
3/20/08 7:35:51PM
And this is the type of people that will be representing MMA on CBS. (not speaking of Ken but more of Frank saying these things about his own brother is sad) Oh and don't forget Kimbo!!!
3/20/08 10:22:00PM
Oh, stop. What's next? You're going to tell me grass is green? Water is wet? Dogs bark? Blasphemy!

3/21/08 1:04:49AM
3/21/08 1:20:51AM
Whether he did or not in the past, Frank is not in a position to know what he does now, because they don't hang around eachother anymore. I do wish Ken would retire though.
3/21/08 1:31:06AM
Ken has openly admitted to doing steroids early in his career. He also later went on record speaking against steroids in MMA (after Sylvia was stripped), and how their effects are more negative than positive.

End of thread.
3/21/08 9:59:17AM
Well me being a huge Ken fan in his defense when the WWF at the time tested all there wrestlers and Mcmahon was on the news debating with some other people about wrestlers in his company that were tested possitive for steroids Shamrock was never mentioned as one of the wrestlers that were guilty of being on steroids or even accussed of using them by other wrestlers but thats not saying he has never been on them but I don't think he was at that specific time.but the guy has always been huge even in highschool
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