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11/17/07 12:56:32AM
Just Annouced At Tonights StrikeForce MW Tournament, It Was Announced That Josh Thomson & Gilbert Melendez Are Going To Get It On March 29. 2008.

Frank Shamrock Was The Post Fight Interviewer For Cung Le's Fight, He Challenged Frank, And He Accepted.

These Are Going To Be Great Matchups, Brawl For It All.
11/17/07 2:09:05AM
Did you see the two of them standing beside each other? Frank looked huge compared to Cung. Cung is an exciting fighter with great strikes and take downs, and good take down defense. Here is hoping he trains some serious BJJ the next few months because it really seemed that once he had it down to the ground he didn't know what to do with it other than back off and stand back up. He gets his ground game down I can see him taking Frank and the sky has no limits, otherwise, as much as I hate to admit it, Frank takes it to him.
11/17/07 8:53:54AM
Melendez by round 4 TKO
Cung Le by round 3 TKO
11/17/07 11:09:28AM
Cung Le better learn how to fight on the ground. He basically looks like a fish out of water when he's not up and kicking.
I do think he has potential, but he needs a lot of work.

Shamrock will probably get him on the ground and pound him into submission. This fight will not go past the 2nd round.
11/17/07 11:55:03AM
Im very interested to see the Cung Le fight. I want to see how his style matches up against a real skilled and experienced fighter like Shamrock.
11/17/07 12:54:09PM
very stupid for them to have cung Le fight shamrock so soon. they should have built Le up more. Its too bad, Le stands no chance of beating shamrock. Dumb fight shamrock is going to destroy this child.
11/17/07 3:42:08PM
Wow Cung Le and Frank Shamrock will be great!
11/17/07 5:36:04PM
I see a GNP that leads to a sub in the 2nd round...Shamrock is way too smart to stand with this kid for long.
11/17/07 6:27:17PM
The Shamrock vs. Le fight could be competitive. Frank is pretty battered up these days and Cung Le has some good TD defence. I can see him defending the TDs and keeping the fight standing, where he has a slight advantage.

I think Le needs to cut back on showiness though. He does all these big hip-tosses and spinning back kicks that he really drains his gas tanks. He should be more conservative and just look to strike effectively. Frank has a good gas tank so he could possibly outwork Cung Le.
11/17/07 9:20:23PM
Frank claims to be a stand up fighter now a days but I want to see how fast that changes when he starts eating some crazy ass cung le kicks!

Gilbert is destroying Thompson IMO
11/19/07 4:21:11AM
Gilbert Rnd 2 T(KO)
Frank Rnd 2 Sub
11/21/07 1:16:36AM
for how much people hate shamrock, you might hate him worse after this fight, cung is good but how good? we'll find out, also if frank still has the same skill set as when he fought bas 3 times or his win over caesar gracie
11/21/07 4:22:54AM
skill set is an obviouse yes. its the matter of will his battered ass body perform up to the skill lvl. skill doesnt diminish as long as you keep a steady training pace. ability to put it all together is what matters. people say joe riggs is one of the most skilled fighters out there but he cant put it all together when he gets in there