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1/11/08 8:55:16PM

Frank Shamrock will defend his Strikeforce middleweight title against Cung Le on the second Strikeforce and EliteXC joint show scheduled for March 29 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif. according to Dave Meltzer of Yahoo! Sports.
1/11/08 8:57:41PM
It will be the first time i wil pick a Shamrock to win !!

Go Frank !!

1/11/08 9:19:57PM
i think it'll be a good fight... if this stays standing i'll give it to cung le, but i think shamrocks gonna look to take him down and submit him so i'm picking frank
1/11/08 9:58:07PM
shamrock all the way, take down ground and pound, overwelm tko
1/11/08 10:27:42PM
this will be a good fight, but i think frank may have this one but cung can KO him if it does not go to the ground
1/11/08 11:32:43PM
I hate to pick a Shamrock but i think he will go right through Lee......
1/11/08 11:33:32PM
I cant really tell who will win this.
1/12/08 3:41:08AM
hard one to pick cause cung lee has the adv in stand-up but if it goes to the ground franks got it but i dont think frank can takedown cung lee
1/14/08 1:33:42PM
WAR Cung Le

His takedowns and takedown defense is sick ala San Shou. If he can keep the submissions off he'll win, even though it may be by decision. That is, unless EliteXC wants to keep Shammyin the forefront as a moneymaker. With Shammy winning, it will be a great setup for K. Shammy vs. F Shammy.
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