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2/22/10 3:42:25PM
*this is a follow up to what i posted a lil bit back..this is the full story unlike before where i had only one line of the interview.

2/22/10 3:52:05PM
I'm going to UFC 111 and I hope to see Shane Carwin knock Mir's head into my lap. I don't know how anyone can like Frank Mir, the guy had an astronomical ego before, now he puts on some size and it's remarkably gotten bigger....who woulda thought.

Frank Mir, you're the best. That's what you wanna hear, isn't it?
2/22/10 4:12:09PM
Ya, I'm sure you would love to have Mir's head in your lap...(Just a joke)

Mir falls into my category of fighters I like as long as there mouths are closed...

I know Mir has a hatred for Lesnar, but I would like to hear him talk about Carwin now (actually I would rather not hear him talk at all) and save the trash/Hype talk, of Lesnar, for when they are scheduled to fight.
2/22/10 4:23:57PM

"He doesn't like me and I can guarantee, you talk to anybody in my family, it's a legitimate hate," Mir said of Lesnar. "His very being bugs me just because I've seen a lot of children out there who look to athletes and martial artists as role models, and it just makes me cringe. I sit there and go, 'Man, I lost to this guy the second time around and now people think that's the way to be -- be big, obnoxious and angry.' That's not right. We have anger toward each other. Everything I stand for he despises and dislikes, and I can tell you I truly do not like him as a person whatsoever."

So these same children should root for and/or look up, Frank? If so, you're certainly not going about it the right way...

I sure as hell wouldn't want my son/daughter rooting for a guy who has gone on the record stating he wants to be ultimately responsible for the death of a fellow competitor.

2/22/10 4:24:25PM
Frank being frank. I like him a lot better when he fighting not talking
2/22/10 5:57:37PM
So if Frank declares that he wants to kill Brock Lesnar in their next fight and then Brock Lesnar actually dies in their next fight, could Frank Mir go to prison??
2/22/10 6:03:25PM
I've been a Frank Mir fan for a long time...but I can't even pretend to defend some of things coming out of his mouth lately. I truly believe he needs some sort of intervention. I know people talk trash, but Frank either needs to lighten up a bit or make it a little more clear that's it's merely trash talk. Because at this rate, if I were Zuffa, I wouldn't put him in the cage with someone he genuinely wants to do these things to.
2/22/10 6:36:15PM
This is no worse than some of the things BJ Penn says, and most people say BJ Penn is one of the nicest guys around. Mir may be taking this too far, but I guarantee you those people who read/watch his comments are probably going to order the fight!
2/22/10 7:22:21PM
Well thats a very rude comment.

When Brock was sick, didnt Frank wish him better so that they could fight again?

I think I understand.. Frank doesnt want him to die unless he is the one killing him?

Frank is a weird one.
2/22/10 8:00:51PM
Mir is one of those guys i think needs to talk himself up to keep his confidence. i just disregard most of what he says. still enjoy watching him fight even if he's full of himself.
2/22/10 8:13:10PM
i really dont like those comments he made.

like biggie said you should never wish death on nobody.cause there aint no coming back from that
2/22/10 9:30:52PM
you know it really doesn't surprise me that frank would say something of this nature. think about it he has had a growing obsession since his loss to lesnar. and this is the peak of his obsession i believe. one thing for mir, do not over look carwin with this dire need "to kill" lesnar in the octagon because you might not even make there via carwin.
2/22/10 11:47:40PM
Well, I think thats a horrible thing to say. Brock has a family, why would you have the drive to actually kill a man just because he bested you in a competition. I thought the animosity would be crushed after the second fight.

But good luck with attempting to end Lesnar. Its like trying to hunt and kill a bear with just your fists. Damn near impossible....
2/23/10 12:07:33AM
It is one thing to be a good sport and hype a fight, but to hate someone for somethings and actions then go over broad and say he wants to kill him????????????? I would rather hear Lesnar diss BUD LIGHT or say he is going him to do his wife. That's some funny ****. I would like to know how Lesnar feels about this. I don't think it is going to help Mir by threatening him. If anything he is going to be pissed and smash him even worse then the last time. Mir tries to be all high and mighty but he comes off like an ego fulled pretty boy and he is pissed because he got smashed and everyone now knows how lucky he got when Lesnar made a big mistake and gave him his leg in the first fight.

Good luck Mir not sure if we will recognize he after this one.

2/23/10 12:43:16AM

like biggie said you should never wish death on nobody.cause there aint no coming back from that

smarter words never been spoked.
2/23/10 12:53:27PM
mir is just an attention whore..he needs the spotlight to be on him 24/7..and alot of the things comin out of his mouth is ignorant..i seriously don't know how people can be a fan of his..i'm just dumbfounded by people who fellow fighters that don't have anything smart or witty to say..i mean don't know how dan hardy gets more sh*t than mir does..what all the dumb thing mir have said..amazin...
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