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4/21/07 1:15:58AM
As much as I would like to see Tim lose, I just don't think that Mir has the drive in him anymore. Silvia 1st round TKO.
4/21/07 1:44:42AM
Timmay guessed it, another boring ass decision.
4/21/07 2:40:18AM
Honestly I can't see this going to a decision unless Tim is completely out of the game. Dan Christiansen almost beat Mir, and he can barely cut it in the IFL, so the former champ should have no problem putting away the other former champ.
4/21/07 9:25:29AM
the fans are teh biggest losers of this fight. Mir comes in out of shape and we get Timid Tim...

3 rounds of boring.

Love to see time lose a split decision though.
4/22/07 3:50:00AM
Mir VS Silvia. Really who cares, with the new blood in the UFC it is time to put these two to rest.
4/22/07 4:41:23AM
I am predicting that this fight will make history as the first fight to go the whole way without any punches thrown, shots taken, not even a clinch. Late in round 3, Mir will strike first and last with a glancing leg kick.

Sylvia via split decision
4/22/07 7:24:14PM
I think Mir will win by submission again.
4/24/07 1:59:55PM
Tim should have no problem getting a relatively easy KO/TKO as long as he tries to put some power into his punches
4/24/07 4:43:26PM
I predict a snoozefest
4/24/07 5:25:59PM
UFCMANIA.COM just reported that tim sylvia will be going to get his third cortizone shot and if that doesnt work he will getting back surgery in two weeks.

So dont hold your breath for this fight to happen anytime soon.
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