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1/2/09 1:02:31PM
“I feel pretty satisfied that I’m the champ. The fact that Randy came back - really he should have waited for me and Nogueira to fight and then fought the winner of us to unify the belts. The fact that he left, the heavyweight belt was Nogueira’s. We were just waiting for the official title to be called the heavyweight belt. But obviously (Randy) came back and made it all kind of a mess. But Nogueira and Tim (Sylvia) fought for it and that created the real belt in my opinion. The fact that I beat Nogueira, who was top ranked, a top guy, it’s not like I took the belt from some paper champion, this guy was the real deal. The icing on the cake is Brock Lesnar, who has the other belt, I already beat him. Those were two champions and I’ve got a win over both of them. I feel pretty confident that I’m the champ. Other people [talk] about the interim thing, but I’ve got no problem with it. I’ll fight Brock again and we’ll fix this.”

– UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir (12-3) tells host Larry Pepe on’s exclusive presentation of Pro MMA Radio that holding victories over former Interim Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 92 and current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 81 is enough to recognize him as the the owner of the ‘real belt’. Mir and Lesnar are expected to unify the belts in a rematch sometime in late Spring of 2009. Will history repeat itself or will Lesnar score revenge in Act II?

1/2/09 1:07:55PM
Mir will get beat, he caught Lesnar luckily.
1/2/09 1:11:52PM
i think lesnar win win the rematch and i also think it wont be the last time they fight each other for the belt
1/2/09 2:13:01PM
i dont think MIr will win the rematch either also i agree that no matter how it ends(if lesner wins)there will be a rubber match for sute
1/2/09 2:13:45PM

Posted by casey64

Mir will get beat, he caught Lesnar luckily.

i don't see how getting a submission is lucky. Mir will beat Lesnar again and i wont be surprised if it's by TKO this time.
1/2/09 4:37:37PM
its the toughest pick iv had to make in a while but while im a fan of both i gotta pick mir based on iv seen lesnar get better at almost everything except sub defense while he hasnt had a chance to show wheather or not he has matured in that department i still dont think he has
1/2/09 6:56:29PM
Mirs stand up looked great. If he trys to stand with Brock it should be a very interesting fight. but if Mir plays it right and can get him down its Franks all day.
1/3/09 1:44:19AM
I never have head of a lucky submission.........

I'm probably in the minority that thinks Mir will beat Lesnar again than again i was in the minority that thought Frank Mir would beat Nog by TKO/KO in the second...

Lesnar is awsome but the one thing that takes years to learn is submissions. And Mir is one of the top 2 submission HW's of all time. I still believe Mir was hand picked by Dana, Frank, Joe, and Lorenzo as welcome package. The onyl 2 fighters that are a more of a stylistic nightmare for Brock at that time were Fedor and Nog.
Fedor wasnt in the UFC and if he fought in the UFC is would be vs Randy at that time.
No AC in the world would sanction a fight vs Nog in a second pro fight. The odds of getting hurt are wayy to igh in thier eyes. That's a really hard sell. We want to put together a fight between a guy that fought one can and is a NCAA wrestler in a mma fight vs a guy who has world class BJJ and was an olyppic boxer. o yeah and that second guy has fought like a zillion fights, never been KO'd, takes more damage than the Terminator, and won a bunch of belts and stuff in PRIDE.... But we swear Brock won't get hurt!

In hindsight it would have been a half legit fight but back then NO WAY!

So who else we got laying around at HW who has riduclious submissions, espically off his back. That'd be Mir Mr. White.

I think it could go either way but Mir has it in my mind right now.

But back on topic, didn't Mir bitch abotu the fight beign for the Interm title before the fight? I'm a huge Mir fan but i seem to remember something like that being said on his part.......
1/3/09 1:52:26AM
As far as I'm concerned there is no UFC HW champion just yet. The tournament idea was cool, and it's not over yet so until someone wins it all it's a vacant in my eyes.

As long as Mir continues to improve his standup I think he's the slight favorite. This fight will probably be seperated by less than 5% at the Playground guaranteed. Which is great because I like a high profile matchup to be the hotbout.

Lesnar has the power to KO Mir, and he has shown a bit of a soft chin, but ultimately I see Lesnar getting submitted again.
1/3/09 5:17:03PM
I think its stupid to have an "Interim" belt, what the **** is that ?? 1/2 a champion? Its either your champ or not, period. Enough with this mix up.
1/4/09 1:38:41AM

Posted by the_01

I think its stupid to have an "Interim" belt, what the **** is that ?? 1/2 a champion? Its either your champ or not, period. Enough with this mix up.

Well if Couture hadn't taken his little sabbatical we wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. The heavyweight title had to be represented, and having the champ take a year off is not appropriate for a multi million dollar company.
1/4/09 2:41:40AM
I'm "glad" that he doesn't have a problem w/ it being the way it is. This wouldn't be what it is except if the UFC had stripped Randy (like they should have) they might've lost the court case (so maybe they shouldn't have :)). They felt like they needed to keep him "officially champ" to handle the business side. Right now I think most of us realize he is the "realer" of the champs, but that they both have legit wins to put them where they're at. It is what it is. I hate anything that delineates a title, but I can't help the present scenario, so while I hope Mir does the same thing again I think Brock has learned a lot and will ko him.
1/5/09 4:46:28PM
Mir should be the linear UFC HW champ, but he'll take the belt when he beats Brock.
1/5/09 6:40:16PM
Brock was getting tired when he fought an undersized and much lighter Randy. If it had gone on to a third round or more, Brock would have been in serious trouble.

Mir looks good. he's much taller than Randy, has fought recently, has better hands right now than Randy, and is much heavier at 250. The question is the takedowns. Can Mir stuff the takedowns...because if he can...he can get Lesnar tired just like Randy did...but Mir won't have such a weight disadvantage..I mean 225 pushing around 275 is significant but 250 pushing back on 275 makes 275 more tired. And brock was starting to get found and hit. He doens't have much head movement against a guy--Randy who is pretty old and doens't have the world's greatest striking power. Should be interesting. I give it to Mir but Lesnar is a brute force to be reckoned with.
1/5/09 10:12:00PM
The real belt belongs to the guy who beat the real champion. I'm the biggest Nogueira fan I know, but he was never UFC heavyweight champion...yeah he would have been if Randy hadn't come back, but Randy DID comeback, and rightfully reclaimed his status as champion.

I'd rank Frank Mir ahead of Brock Lesnar at this point, but Brock is still the champion.

1/5/09 11:25:01PM

Posted by EliasG
Randy who is pretty old and doens't have the world's greatest striking power. Should be interesting. I give it to Mir but Lesnar is a brute force to be reckoned with.

Are you thinking of the same Randy i am? The same Randy Couture that rocked Big Tim like 3 times in 13 seconds in the first rd?

The same Randy that TKO'd Gonzaga?

I think Randy's striking is really underrated. It's cool to see someone finally implment bobbing and weaving so well into MMA. Joe Daddy does it alot too but hes not that great a striker.

If there is any hole in Randy's game it's his chin and that's where the bobbing and weaving comes into play. Sometimes it backfires like the Lesnar match but wait till some guy that has trained MMA with bobbing and weaving for 10 yrs comes to the ufc. it'll be worse than trying to hit machida
1/6/09 3:11:13AM
He has hurt guys with his shots but that is not the strength of his game. He stunned Tim and then spent the next 5 rounds not finishing him. A GREAT striker would have KO'd Tim Sylvia. And you are right about his chin, that is suspect but in this case, the back of his head was suspect and Brock's opportunism. He was smart enough to quickly jump on Randy and rain down blows. His wrestling is strong so if you are hurt it's very hard to move him out of dominant position when he has so many skills and so much weight. Gonzaga was a different story. I just thought Randy had a GREAT game plan and fought really well that night. Hats off. But no, I don't think Randy has GREAT striking. He has great ground and pound. He has great wrestling. But he only has "ok" striking with fairly slow hand speed, as evidenced by his fight against Brock.
1/6/09 3:13:53AM
I also agree on the great boxing. When some of the younger fighters---especially in lower weight classes come up with word class wrestling and boxing...they are going to be absolutely devastating. Boxing an MMA guy is WAY different than sparring Pros in boxing. Granted the strikes are different but I've fought some ranked pros and some journeyman heavyweight pros and their shots are far more technical and powerful than the MMA pros I've sparred.
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