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5/27/09 11:33:19PM
Frank has what 2 subs off his back? pretty good really. The thing that stops me from thinking Frank can sub Brock is that the odds are that thats where he will have to attempt a sub from and Lesnar has so much power and size I dont think you get a arm lock to work other than a arm bar and there again how is he going to get into a position to get that locked up on Brock? With his superior wrestling and size if he has even a fair sub defense he should be fine on top and in the last fight he was never in any danger wile in top position, so if he can be cautious on the way in and out I think he could get some G&P going and maybe even TKO Mir.

This is the classical skill vs strength but Ive followed Brock's story a little bit and the guy absolutely throws himself into whatever he dose, so how far has he came?

His stand up really has not looked all that great but like randy said he's just a big som-u-b*tch. Brocks hands are big and he has a lot of power behind them even if his tequnic is not the best.

That said I think Mir can stand with Brock and out box him. The one thing we all know is that if Mir underestimated Lesnars power (and I think he did) He knows Brock has it now, and the same can be said for Lesnar about Mirs submission's.

I think Brock could "Matt Hughes" his way to a decision but even with the power advantage in striking I think if Mir busts out some sexy leg kicks and a good stiff jab he has a advantage.

On the ground whoever has the dominant position IMO will win. I'm giving the ground game to Brock because I think he will be dam near impossible to sub from the bottom.

On the feet I think Mir waits for the right time to engage uses better footwork and can out point Brock as long as he doesn't get caught with a big shot that KO's him.

I have not decided who Ill pick yet but I'm leaning to Brock.
5/28/09 12:13:19PM
I will pick Brock because can't really decide who will win and I know I don't want Mir to win.

I feel like Brock could win this but, as with many I fights nowadays, the gameplan will be very important.
IMO Brock should come into this fight prepared to use his wrestling, GnP, and stand-up to make Mir work hard at finding a rhythm.
5/28/09 12:39:51PM
I hope Frank Mir wins like no other... but...

I think it's going to be a replica of the first one minus Mazzagatti throwing off Brock's groove and finishing with strikes in the first...
7/2/09 11:16:50PM
im rooting for brock, hes an amazing athlete. dudes got massive power, and when his technique is a bit more developed, he will be unstoppable!
7/2/09 11:59:05PM
I'm seriously rooting for Mir, regardless of how much faith I have in his victory.

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