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10/23/08 2:59:42PM
The question about rolis black belt is was up for debate last night, but does anybody know who gave frank mir not only his start but also his black belt?....were does he train in vegas too? i know hes not part of any of the big dawg schools there such as xtreme couture
10/23/08 3:12:34PM
I think he got his blackbelt from Ricardo Pires.
10/23/08 3:34:26PM
I think he mixes his training between his own school, and coutures.
10/23/08 3:56:49PM
Team/Association Striking Unlimited
10/23/08 5:49:38PM
on sherdog it has i=his assosciation listed as a member of las vegas combat club. also just for general knowlenge heath hearing trains there. it might not be a "Big dawg" camp but it has at least two current ufc fighters cant be all bad
10/23/08 6:30:05PM

Posted by tepid55

I think he got his blackbelt from Ricardo Pires.

yes, he did get his black belt from Pires.
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