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5/4/09 10:55:47AM
Frank Mir is not bothered much by Brock Lesnar’s trash talk. The UFC heavyweight champion is just a garden variety bully, he says.

“It’s like when you go to school and you’re not comfortable with yourself, you tend to pick on other people to take the attention away from yourself,” the interim UFC heavyweight champion told

Lesnar challenged the validity of Mir’s belt, and the rescheduling of their second bout from UFC 98 to UFC 100 in an interview with Inside MMA.

“In my mind, is it, is Frank really hurt, or is he scared?” Lesnar told Ron Kruck.

5/4/09 2:45:21PM
Mir talks way to much, if he beats him he can say that, but I think Brock is going to kill him. That's why I dislike Mir.
5/4/09 2:49:42PM
he already has beat him and who's to say he cant do it again?

that said my prediction is brock win by masturbation punches
5/5/09 1:45:57PM
Mir thinks he's so hilarious, it's actually funny...if that makes sense.

I love how he thinks he's king of the world now that he took out Lesnar, in his 2nd fight, and Nog who looked so bad it was terrible.

Lets put it this way, even if he beats Lesnar again, he won't hold the belt long.
5/5/09 5:56:06PM
I think it's funny. Truth is Mir makes some interesting points. He also has some good trash talk. It will be interesting to see how well he backs it all up in the Octagon. I think he is good enough to win and a much more complete fighter but honestly Brock is a freak of nature. The man is a VERY VERY good wrestler and very heavy, powerful, and quick. I think Randy could have beaten him and was winning the fight until he got caught behind the head but i don't think that shows as many holes in Brock's game--I think it shows that Brock is ALWAYS dangerous. He is a bit boring as a fighter but his physical presence is so great that you are still just a bit in awe.

I'd actually like Carwin to fight another top HW and then fight Brock. Man that would be like watching a Polar Bear and a Grizzly fight.
5/5/09 10:45:01PM
I'd love to see Brock after 2 years of Mir's coaching. He'd be unstoppable.
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