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6/30/09 5:55:38AM
Frank Mir - Accident, UFC, Lesnar & Liddell

The Official Radio Partner of PunchDrunkGamer, TakeDown Wrestling Radio recently conducted an interview with interim UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. Mir talks with Scott Casber about his training, Brock Lesnar and a variety of issues in mixed martial arts today.


Frank Mir Interview

6/30/09 10:11:01AM
I know a lot of people hate Mir, but he says some stuff in here that exemplifies exactly why I like him so much.

He's asked which submission he's the most proud of. He says it is the first one over Brock because of what it represented. He admits being overwhelmed at first, but that in the end technique overcomes brute strength. He says you can throw weight around in the gym all day, but in the end you will tire and your strength will fail you, technique never gets tired. He showed the world that just because you're big and scary it doesn't mean that you're the best.

That's the kind of stuff I love.
6/30/09 12:27:07PM
I don't know why some people dislike Mir he is a very honest guy and tells it how it is. That's a breath of fresh air from a lot of the guys in MMA. Most fighters aren't very honest and say what they think the public wants to hear. He also doesn't get near enough respect from some people as a fighter. Before his bike wreck he was one of the best HW around and he is starting to look even better now than he did then. Unlike a lot of guys he is growing with the sport and that in itself is saying a lot.
6/30/09 12:37:43PM
does anyone know where I can find a text interview? My sound card is anything besides WORKING
6/30/09 12:47:43PM
im a huge mir fan, Im much more interested to see if he lives up to the "prodigy" hype he had attached to him before his accident than I am if lesnar performs well.
7/1/09 7:06:22AM
I would love nothing more then a repeat of the first fight with brock.To rip off brocks arm,leg or big neck would really be cool.Without bashing brock to much ,he is nowhere near experienced enough,wer just have to see if his strength will beat frank's technique.Good luck frank!!!!!
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