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6/13/08 1:30:29PM
Frank Shamrock will be facing his step-brother Ken in his next fight, according to a recent interview.

The California native told that the deal is "pretty darn close" to being done.

"I think it's a good time for it," he said. The two were raised by the same stepfather - Bob Shamrock - but have famously never got along.

Shamrock also called out Tito Ortiz, who recently left the UFC, for a rematch.

6/13/08 1:52:27PM
frank round 2 ktfo. ken is done and over.

now if frank fights tito i dont really no how thatd go
6/13/08 2:11:37PM
That fight would be sweet but I expected it after Frank called Ken out about roids a little while ago.

Frank by I don't know how yet.
6/13/08 2:24:12PM
I would love to see it, Frank R1 KO
6/13/08 2:27:27PM
ken isnt good anymore hes old and washed up. frank can still fight. frank by SUB round 1. and hopefully we can see tito fight him again for another A$$ WHOOPIN
6/13/08 2:33:16PM
Ken is done. I think Frank still has game. I thik Frank will knock Ken out, but will toy with him a while before so. He will want this fight to go a while before he tries to finish. Frank is a showman, and will do whatever it takes to make it a show.
6/13/08 3:03:09PM
I cant believe these two arent blood related the guys look exactly the same, but anyways Frank will destroy Ken however he chooses.....
6/13/08 3:30:17PM
hahaha frank by whatever, whenever, while sippin' on gin & juice
6/13/08 4:02:43PM
I think having this fight at this time is a joke.. Ken is no where near the fighter he used to be, and while frank may not be at his best at the moment.. he is still far better then Ken currently is... This fight I think is to just make money for the both of them... but I am gonna play it safe and vote for Shamrock to win... THough I feel this fight is a useless at this time.. .. Big deal Frank beats Ken... GRanted if Ken can pull off a win.. that would be HUGE for him...
6/13/08 5:26:52PM
You always pick the old guy! When will you people learn!?

Seriously though I am pickin Ken for the win!

6/14/08 1:21:51AM
Ken is going to get hurt
6/14/08 1:48:05AM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

hahaha frank by whatever, whenever, while sippin' on gin & juice

He's not fighting Shakira

Or Snoop Dogg either..........

6/17/08 7:53:51PM
Regardless "not pay'n" to watch that one go down. Isn't there a seniors league or something that Ken could fight in? Ya know like two, two minute rounds, and a smaller ring or octagon. Heavier gloves maybe.
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