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POLL: Frank vs Ken
Frank KO 76% (19)
Ken KO 0% (0)
Frank Sub 8% (2)
Ken Sub 12% (3)
Frank Dec 0% (0)
Ken Dec 4% (1)
6/21/08 1:33:12PM
Personally I think everyone on this site has gone crazy. Ken Shamrock has obviously been playing possum the last few years to lure his brother in for this fight.

Tito vs Ken was a big setup and Ken in his last fight obviously took a dive. Dana, Tito, and Ken all made an agreement so Ken would not beat Tito up so Tito could go fight Chuck and all three of them would cash in on the moment a few years and knockout fixes later when Frank would finally convince himself to fight Ken.

Personally I think Ken was just cut from the UFC because it was jealus of Ken's abilities and feared the Kind of beating he would lay on anyone in the Light heavyweight or Heavyweight divisions.

The other reason they cut him was so Frank would fight him and they could make money. They knew Frank would refuse to fight in the UFC.

Ken should probably be ranked in the top 5 LHW but because of his corruption he will sadly just walk away a millionare.

Ken by KO in the second round- he has to make it look competitive as part of his contract with Shaw so they can still market Frank after Ken retires.

By the way since noone caught my sarcasm in my other post I'm going to state that this is definantly done in sarcasm, at least I laughed writing it.
6/21/08 1:48:44PM
loool fix one ken to a frank and it'll be golden i think third line give or take a line, there is one ken that should be a frank, otherwise i found that pretty funny.
6/21/08 4:18:36PM
Did you sprain your brain
6/21/08 4:56:43PM

Posted by backalley101

Did you sprain your brain

Did you learn how to read
6/21/08 7:44:13PM
while all signs point to frank winning this I would not be surprised id Ken pulls of a surprise win.. I think Frank is going to come into this to confident..
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