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2/28/08 1:14:28AM
Who thinks that would be a good fight, and what do u think would happen?
2/28/08 2:34:37AM
Edgar via domination.

Seriously doubt huerta would even win a round.
2/28/08 6:56:13AM
yea edgar would out wrestle huerta, just like guida as doing, except i would expect edgar to work the ground a bit more, and i dont think huerta would catch him with anything, i'd take dgar via UD
2/28/08 7:06:25AM
Man this would be a great fight! I'm not sure there would be any domination on either side though. As I think they remind me of each other. Although Edgars wrestling is probably a little better. I would be routing for Huerta in this one boys.
2/28/08 7:14:44AM
it would be a complete war between these two guys
i think edgar's wrestling would be too good for huerta as i dont think edgar will want to stand with huerta
edgar by UD
2/28/08 8:02:06AM

Posted by Pookie

Edgar via domination.

Seriously doubt huerta would even win a round.

Well i dont rate Edgar that much higher than Clay Guida tbh

I picked Clay and would have to pick Edgar for the same reasons, but Huerta does seem like the kinda guy who will find a way to win or make a late comeback and get the W
2/28/08 11:33:39AM
Hopefully Huerta got the wake up call from his last fight and is now training off his back and working on his sprawl. The LW division is stacked with wrestlers and you need a solid ground game to compete.

I was never a huge Huerta fan until his last fight. The heart he showed really impressed me. But Edgar is an even better wrestler than Guida, and if Guida was able to dictate the action so well throught the fight (until he got knocked around and choked), I would bet even more domination from Edgar.
2/28/08 4:06:07PM
Edgar's composed wrestling > Huerta's wild standup. Huerta is the Forrest Griffin of the lightweight division. He's fun to watch and can win fights against decent opponents, but not technical enough to beat the best or hold a title.
2/28/08 5:39:17PM
edgar wins that imo
2/29/08 1:38:47PM
ya that would be a awsome fight but it wouldnt happen for awhile because huerta is doing the new Mortal Kombat movie.
2/29/08 11:01:38PM
Edgar's a small lightweight whereas Huerta is a large lightweight. You could see from the Guida fight that even though Clay was taking Roger down, he was getting right back up (i.e., Guida had trouble holding down Huerta).

I wouldn't be very surprised to see Huerta win this fight. I cannot doubt Huerta since he really proved himself in the Guida fight.
2/29/08 11:09:10PM
this would be a great fight, i know that edgar is great at wrestling, but Huerta has a nack of finding ways to win.
i would pick huerta to win this fight.
2/29/08 11:38:30PM
Frankie got caught by Bocek but I think that was mostly because Frank wasn't expecting it since Bocek is better known as a grappler. So I think he would be aware of Huertas wild striking and hold his ground with good boxing that frustrates Huerta. Which will help Frank set up the TD and GNP the rest of that round.

Frank by clear decision.
3/1/08 2:02:50AM
i just dont know how huerta can win this one
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