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6/2/08 3:16:15PM
Hermes Franca (18-6) — who has been on the shelf because of a 12-month suspension — will return to competition against Frank Edgar (8-1) at UFC 87: “Seek and Destroy” at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minn., on August 9, according to
6/2/08 3:53:13PM
Caan't wait just got my tickets.
6/2/08 3:58:11PM
should be a good fight Im not shure who to go with, Edger just coming off getting his ass handed to him and franca with a long lay off
6/2/08 4:44:15PM
I'm gonna have to go with Franca just because of his power. I think he'll put Frankie away in the second or third
6/2/08 6:29:31PM
franca will beat him, i don't see this fight ending as a decision i just hope with this fight
danzig vs guida and huerta vs florian it will be hard to see who gets fight of the night honors
6/2/08 6:36:18PM
Frank seems like the lay and pray type, Franca on the other hand is an all out, Great Striker, with a hell of a knee, and an Amazing Grappler. Hermes has to work on his TDD and his open Guard. he also needs to work on his scrambles.
6/2/08 7:10:37PM
Really good match-up. Edgar needs to fight a BJJ guy, and Its just good to see Franca back in the UFC. If i could prop him for manning up i would. Go Franca.

On the feet though im going to give Edgar the edge, he has good footwork and his hands are fast, with francas sloppy striking i see him getting in hitting a few tap-type punches and getting the takedown.
The only thing is once its on the ground.... Franca truly knows his shit, and if Tyson griffin can catch you in a deep kneebar off a scramble im almost certain franca can.
6/2/08 8:18:37PM
This should be a good fight. Both fighters usually come in ready for a fight. I hope they keep adding fights like this. Should make for a good card.
6/2/08 9:53:31PM
this fight makes me sad because one of top 5 lightweights will lose 2 in a row ... i lvoe both of these guys and i really cant call it cuz edgar can take down hermes but i can see hermes subbing him off his back but then again edgar is training with ricardo almeida now hes sub defense must have gotten alot better and it was never really that bad ... plus edgar must be stronger and have the better technical stand up but francas hits wayyyy harder
6/3/08 5:20:35AM
Hmmm this is odd, even odder nobody has mentioned it, Hermes LEFT THE UFC, they cancelled his contract about 6+ months ago, and i remember him saying he wanted to come back to the UFC soon, very odd indeed

But cos this is a great fight, perfect style matchup
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