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8/29/08 1:19:02AM
Frank and Ken Shamrock aren't exactly close. The two brothers have never gotten along that well and since the death of their adopted father the rift has grown.

"Ken and I are just two different people," said Frank Shamrock. "We don't really have (a relationship), we never have. After Bob (Shamrock) passed there was some resentment there on his part.

"But, I've never had a heart to heart conversation with the guy. He was never available and I was never a good communicator. We were too guys that never got past working out together. It's totally bizarre. I know more about the guys I train with today than I've ever known about Ken. I think when we were younger Ken was a very closed off dude and I wasn't a good communicator. Now, that's changed for me and Ken's changed as well but we never grew together."

8/29/08 2:00:58AM
Doesn't Frank make his living pretty much communicating? Whatever but it's good to see him back up his brother. I'd love to see Frank corner him for the bout.
8/29/08 12:01:33PM
Ken by Heel Hook round one.
8/29/08 12:29:55PM
Dear God make this nonsence go away.
8/29/08 12:55:22PM
I don't really care what either of these Shamrocks say. Not too long ago Frank said Ken was taking steriods. Now he's all chummy buddy to him because they talked it out. Frank and Ken are they same. They both try to stand a bang when there game is really on the ground and if Ken does that against Kimbo he's going to get KTFO.
8/29/08 8:10:25PM

So true....these guys fell out of their gameplans long ago when the sport got named Mixed Martial Arts and they decided that they needed to try and mix it up too much. If you got a certain skill level in a certain area of the fight game use it to your advantage and make people afraid of grappling or striking with you because of it. I know this if I were Kimbo, I would train on nothing but my sprawl and brawl tactics for this upcoming fight, I would let the KO come to me!
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