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7/30/12 8:00:24PM
UF: Brazil competitor and former Jungle Fights champion Francisco Drinaldo is making a return to his natural weight class. The man they call "Massaranduba" fought on the show as a middleweight, including in the season finale at UFC 147, is dropping back to lightweight for a scheduled fight at UFC 153 against an opponent TBA

Remember how he ragdolled Delson Heleno at MW? Hell yeah.
7/30/12 8:23:29PM
Dropping to LW? Wow, I thought he was pretty big at MW. Dude is gonna be a wrecking machine
7/30/12 8:58:01PM
He's going to be huge. I hope he lost some serious muscle mass for this. Otherwise we're getting 2 minutes of fury tops out of him.
7/30/12 10:23:10PM
Dudes a gorilla.
7/30/12 11:39:05PM
Man, if Massaranduba can cut to Lightweight, Hector Lombard should be able to cut to Featherweight

That's just insane.