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9/7/12 7:48:52PM

Grain of salt, of course. Interesting enough though.
9/7/12 10:52:07PM
not at all surprising to see the Laughs...err the Leafs, at the bottom. One of the richest franchises in sports, one of the most profitable, zero playoff appearances in the last 8 years and zero Stanley Cup wins since 1967.

The Cubs are pretty terrible too but in hockey over half the teams make the playoffs where baseball it's pretty difficult
9/8/12 7:44:27PM
After being a leafs fan for 21 years, I've finally given up on them. I'm gonna cheer for the Flyers and Winnipeg from here on out.
9/8/12 7:52:14PM
I think it's a bit lame they didn't include MLS in these figures. Some of the teams have incredible fan support and some brand new, beautiful stadiums to support their teams. Seattle Sounders immediately jump to mind, which has a large following in Seattle. They may not rake in the same profits as the other big league orgs, but they definitely have the best value out of all the orgs, and great access to the team experience.