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POLL: Tibau vs. Franca
Tibau 41% (11)
Fanca 59% (16)
8/6/08 6:51:32AM
this is a tough one to call, both guys have looked great at times and both have suffered some tough defeats. i may have to shock everybody and pick gleison, he is stronger and he is in better shape, jiu jitsu wise they are even, hermes has the striking advantage but tibau is a superior wrestler.
8/6/08 5:01:10PM
i like hermes in this one as long as he dont fight the way he did against edgar.
8/6/08 7:04:22PM
I definitely agree that Tibau's wrestling is better, but I think Franca's BJJ is better. I think he will pull off a submission from the bottom in the second round.
8/6/08 7:10:24PM
I'm taking Franca, He wants to return like a house of fire and he failed against Edgar (granted Edgar is a wrestler and wrestling>BJJ almost always) But still Franca's more into the fight, Tibau seemed like a gatekeeper in his last fights.
8/6/08 11:05:05PM
tibau will win by SD
8/7/08 1:22:20AM
I am pissed at what Franca did in his last fight. Especially since I picked him and bet on him. I really dont know who to pick cause this could Franca before his fight with Sherk or Franca that sits on his ass for three rounds as Edgar leg kicks him.
8/7/08 1:23:06AM
i think tibau will win, but i see by decision
8/7/08 4:09:03AM
Thought Tibau beat Tyson...and was on his way to beating Stevenson until he got, I'll say Tobau.
8/7/08 1:25:06PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

Thought Tibau beat Tyson...and was on his way to beating Stevenson until he got, I'll say Tobau.

no disrespect but I never understood why people thought tibau beat tyson. Griffin was handing out some nasty ground and pound that fight and tibau didn't get much offense going. he did get takedowns at will but wasn't able to do much from there. He only got close to locking in a sub once.
8/7/08 6:32:16PM
I'll say Tibau.
8/7/08 11:37:20PM

Tibau has looked impressive in defeat, and Hermes has looked less then stellar in his last 2...

but for some reason I cant count Hermes out of a fight.....

Hermes round 3 sub.

(although I may change this one)

8/8/08 10:10:49AM
This is a tough one. Normally I would say Franca with ease but Tibau has looked good as of late and franca hasn't. Franca's performance against Frankie Edgar wasn't that good. It could have been "ring rust" who knows. I will take Franca in this fight but by the slightest of margins.
8/8/08 10:27:55AM
I don't know why...but I want to pick Hermes to win.
8/8/08 2:40:21PM
tibau dant have any chance in this one

franca TKO round 3
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