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12/13/08 12:47:32AM
IMO if you switched these around a bit you would have much more exciting

Lauzon Vs Huerta
Stevenson Vs Franca

I'm no Joe Silva but I think these are way more exciting match ups What does the Playground think
12/13/08 12:58:28AM
I think they are more interesting how they are now. All guys fighting to get into contention.

Stevenson good on the ground and huerta prolly has the better striking

Franca prolly better on the ground but joe is young, learns quick and not to shabby on the ground, as is his striking. Franca also has crazy strikes.
12/13/08 1:03:37AM
i happy with ether way
12/13/08 2:30:27AM
If they were switched around they are much more even and exciting.
12/13/08 2:57:40AM
Huerta vs. Franca would make the best fight of them all
12/13/08 12:29:19PM
I like them the way they are. In my opinion Stevenson and Huerta are a little bit ahead of Lauzon and Franca.
12/13/08 12:33:11PM
franca would probably beat any of them
12/13/08 2:49:30PM
Tough matchups to call all the way around. And if their that tough, that means they've been matched appropriately.

Gonna go with Huerta & Franca.
12/13/08 5:12:06PM
Yeah i think switching the matchups would make it more interesting. That being said someone posted that Huerta and Spencer fischer was in the works. I'd much rather see that fight. It would have fight of the night written all over it.
12/14/08 9:21:48PM
franca - lauzon would be a great match, but i think huerta would get mauled
12/16/08 9:52:11AM
Huerta and Franca would be great! I dont think Stevenson should take on Huerta after losing. Now he has the potential of losing twice in a row which definently isn't a good thing.
12/16/08 11:08:07AM
I could personally enjoy watching any combination of those 4 fellas throw down
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