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6/18/09 6:47:49AM
There are reports that Hermes Franca and Tyson Griffin have verbally agreed to face off at UFC 103 in September. Although not yet officially announced, 103 is expected to take place in Dallas. Both last fought at UFNs 17 & 18, respectively.

6/18/09 7:07:40AM
i really like Hermes, hes been one of my favourites for ages, but sadly I dont think he can win this fight. Hes had a tough time with good wrestlers and Griffin is exactly that.

I really hope he wins though, if i tip every fight wrong for 103 but he wins, i will still be a very happy man
6/18/09 10:03:22AM
i like franca alot should be a all out war!!
6/18/09 10:55:31AM
What happened to Lauzon? They were supposed to fight and Franca got injured so he had to pull out, why isn't that back on?
6/18/09 11:12:42AM

Posted by Manfred

What happened to Lauzon? They were supposed to fight and Franca got injured so he had to pull out, why isn't that back on?

I'm asking the same thing, they was talking smack to each and everything, and this fight just disappears.
6/18/09 11:16:36AM
Hmmm, interesting matchup. Obviously I am a Franca fan, but Tyson Griffin never fails to deliver a good fight either. I agree with the notion that this is not a good matchup for Franca, though.
6/18/09 11:27:45AM
Lauzon is out because of an injury that is healing up. I think he even had surgery because of it. Leg injury I believe.

I think Griffin takes this by UD. Not going to be the most exciting fight IMO, Although Lauzon v. Franca would've. Actually Lauzon vs. anybody in the lightweight division would be an exciting fight.
6/18/09 11:49:30AM
Also taking Tyson Griffin by unanimous for this one.

Joe Lauzon is out with a knee injury that required surgery, and many months of him playing Xbox. I think he rehabbed it though and should be back sometime by the end of the year (hopefully)
6/18/09 11:52:57AM
It'll be a split decision, most likely going to Griffin.
6/18/09 12:56:29PM
I dont know, everybody thought Franky-Hermes would be boring with Frankie just taking him down and laying on him, but Franky messed him up, out boxed him and GNPd him good! So I'm looking for the same type of fight here since griffins got real good boxing now too. I got it looking almost exactly like that fight, Griffin UD but in exciting fashion.
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