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POLL: pick one
Hermes Wins 40% (18)
Frankie Wins 60% (27)
7/6/08 10:59:45PM
these two are fighting soon as you all already know, but im still shaky about who im gonna pick...

when i first heard about this fight i figured ok Franca is a good fighter i mean going 5 rds with Sherk when he was champ, and he messed up Spencer pretty good.

but Edgar was looking great with wins over Tyson and Spencer, but that lose to gray dropped him back down the rankings..

my thought is that franca wins by KO in 3rd...

what you guys think?
7/6/08 11:13:47PM
Edgar via decison, his usual.
7/6/08 11:18:35PM

Posted by FrankTheTank1181

Edgar via decison, his usual.

7/6/08 11:42:40PM
what, your kidding right?

i think hermes wins this fight. he's bigger, stronger, will have a reach, better submissions, crazy effective striking.

edgar has better wrestling.
7/6/08 11:51:24PM

edgars wrestling is not as good as sherks and edgar was not as roided out... i mean strong as sherk- Hermes will sum him in 3rd round.... (IMO)
7/6/08 11:52:01PM
Franca via 2nd round KO
7/7/08 1:10:05AM
Yeah although Hermes is Bigger, more Powerful and has Better Jits, I still think he falls short. Look at how good Frankie's Boxing is, he Punches from the Pocket and takes you down. He'll Win via Unanimous Decision.
7/7/08 1:20:25AM
Hermes by TKO in the 3rd due to a Knee on a shooting Frankie!
7/7/08 9:17:24AM
Frankie for the Lay And Pray. The usual.
7/7/08 10:24:38AM

Posted by Cdellorso

edgars wrestling is not as good as sherks and edgar was not as roided out... i mean strong as sherk- Hermes will sum him in 3rd round.... (IMO)

You also forgot to mention that Hermes also tested for a banned substance when he fought Sherk. He tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone. So, he was "roided" up when he fought Sherk and he will not be "roided" up when he fights Frankie. In addition, he is coming off a long layoff due to his suspensioin and that will probably affect his performance. Frankie will win a hard fought decision. This is a tough fight to call, but I see Edgar pulling off the win.
7/7/08 10:44:50AM
7/7/08 11:58:26AM
I am really excited to watch this fight. I predict it will go the full distance. War Frankie.
7/7/08 3:46:52PM
Dudes... this is an easy fight to pick...

Dominant wrestler with great TDs will always beat a JJ guy who doesn't have great TD defense. They are about even on the feet, and I actually give Edgar the edge

Yeah, this has another Frankie UD written all over it.

I really wish he would start finishing his fights though. I doubt he'll be able to finish Franca.
7/7/08 4:03:52PM
The difference between Sherk and Edgar, is Edgar will set up his shots with strikes and not just shoot in at the beginning of every round. Edgar will outstrike hermes, and then drop to a takedown.
The danger hermes poses is he can end the fight at any moment, but as far as how it looks on paper... Edgar is a better striker and his grappling will put him in a dominant position every round.
7/7/08 5:32:18PM
I feel bad for Hermes, because this is a tough first fight back. But oh well... he shouldn't have used steroids.
7/7/08 8:06:21PM
Man, I agree this is a tough pick for me also. Part of me says Franca because he's bigger and has a solid BJJ game. But the layoff hurts him. Then the other part of me says Edgar. Because he's got serious skills oh his feet and on the ground. But he didn't look good at all against Maynard. Still trying to figure out who to pick. But if I had to pick now it would be Edgar by UD.
7/7/08 9:14:35PM
This is really a tough call for me.
6 months ago I would have picked Hermes, hands down.

However, I am a little concerned about his ring rust, and his reputation of gassing. I think at even odds I would have to go with Edgar at this point despite his lackluster performance in his last fight. I think Edgar may be able to weather 2 rounds and then win the fight via close decision on cardio alone.

Really tough pick for me.
7/8/08 4:06:07PM
I want Franca to win since its his first time back but I think Edgar will take it.
7/8/08 10:21:33PM
i see hermes winning via ko late in the second
7/12/08 1:20:23PM
I just don't see Franca being able to knock Edgar out. Edgar is a much better boxer than he's given credit for, and though his chin has yet to be REALLY tested by a man with the power of franca, I think he's too quick and smart to get caught by a lumbering puncher like Franca.

In my eyes this ends in one of 2 ways. Franca catches Edgar in a submission from his guard, or Edgar wins via UD.

Edgar via UD.
7/16/08 5:08:18PM
Not a hard pick. Edgar will wrestle Franca to a decision. Predictable and lame result.
7/18/08 8:58:32PM
I would love to see Hermes win, but I think Frankie will show up and show out with his trusty UD.
7/18/08 9:17:13PM
I want Hermes to win, do I think he can? yes, with that being said I'm picking Edgar by UD. Since Hermes chin and ground game are too solid, only way this ends in a finish is a cut or if Hermes ends it. I hope this dosnt go like the Sherk fight or Edgars fight with Spencer with boring LnP. However I dont think it will be boring at all. FOTN or FOTY written on it.
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